27 Sep 2021

Profilm MOUTH ULCERS - protective film for mouth ulcers and aphthae

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Profilm MOUTH ULCERS is a hydrogel with a polymeric base, supplemented with natural extracts of propolis and tea tree, and enriched with stabilized vitamin C. After its application, a protective physical barrier is formed which adapts to the shape of the mucosa, preventing contact with food, saliva and other irritant or sensitizing elements or substances. Provides anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, creates an environment that favours the healing of injuries.

Properties+ Forms a protective film that remains on the site of application, promoting healing.
+ Relieves pain and protects / isolates against external agents.
+ Reduces the extension and duration of canker sores.
+ Contains propolis and tea tree extracts, stabilized vitamin C.

Profilm Aftas Bucales is presented in a 5 mL airless container.

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    OpHLINE is available in 3 models with different concentrations (1,4%, 2%, 3%) and properties to provide better options for a variety of surgical needs.

    + Lens removal.
    + IOL implantation.
    + High protection of the endothelium.
    + Total and safe extraction.
    + Excellent visibility of the operating field.
    + Sterilization by moist heat.

    OpHLINE is supplied as a Pre-Filled Syringe on apyrogenic Type I glass, ready to use. A single use injection cannula is supplied as accessory.

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    TrHLINE is available in 2 models with concentrations of 1% and 2% to select the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

    + Lubricating effect.
    + Shock absorption.
    + Reduction of pain in the joint.
    + Improves mobility and quality of life.
    + Increases the functionality of the joint.
    + Easily reabsorbed by the body.

    TrHLINE is supplied in a pre-filled glass syringe of 2 mL, ready to use. 

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    Properties+ Reduces the pain and increases the functionality of the joint.
    + Lubricating and shock-absorption effect.
    + Improves mobility and quality of life of the patient.

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    + Restores aged skin structures.
    + Improves skin hydration.
    + Revitalizes skin and improves its firmness.

    BtHLINE is presented in a pre-filled syringe of 1mL, ready for use. It is supplied in a single blister together with two sterile needles (30G) for single use, as accessories.

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    Properties+ Forms an invisible film that adapts to the shape of the skin.
    + Relieves the first symptoms of cold sores and reduces the duration of the outbreak.
    + Reduces the risk of infection and contagion of the virus.+ Relieves itching and pain.
    + Contains propolis and tea tree extracts, stabilized vitamin C

    Profilm Herpes Labial is presented in a 5 mL airless container.
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    + Alleviates dry eye and dry eye sensation.
    + Alleviates eye irritation.+ Protects against external allergens alleviating allergy symptoms.
    + Regenerates and stabilizes the tear film.

    BuddyDrops is presented in a sterile 15 ml plastic dropper vial. 

  • Video Company video presentation

    i+Med is a company involved in the research, development and manufacture of new products in the field of biomedical engineering. 

     We specialize in the generation of intelligent Nanohydrogels and customized smart systems for controlled release adapted to the needs of each client, always under a strict control of the manufacturing process and a demanding quality policy.  
    More information at