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We are experts in Moisture Control Packaging, and manufacture products such as: Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Activated Alumina Desiccants, Oxygen Absorbers, Laminated Aluminium Barrier Foil Rolls & Pouches, Patented Desiccant Plastics, Liquid Absorbers, and High-Speed Dispensing Machines to automate their inclusion in high-speed production lines. We also offer Consultancy and Rationalisation Services such as our own bespoke moisture behaviour software: SUPERDRYSIM™, which helps customers understand which product is right for their application.

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  • Innovations House, Jackson’s Business Park, Wessex Road, SL8 5DT, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Products from Baltimore Innovations (3)

  • Foil  Rolls & Pouches

    Product Foil Rolls & Pouches

    Our Barrier Foil Pouches prevent moisture getting into your package. As a result, they preserve packaging’s performance. Consequently, they increase your products’ shelf life.
  • Canisters

    Product Canisters

    Desiccant Canisters fit well into standard insertion equipment, therefore companies can easily include them for bottling lines or other pharma products.It is possible to fill these items with white silica gel [British Standard BS:2540] in plastic cylinder. They meets both FDA and EU requirements for food cont...
  • Desiccants

    Product Desiccants

    Silica Gel Bags, Indicating Silica Gel bags, Desiccant Canisters, Molecular Sieve Paste, Activated Alumina and Oxygen Absorbers