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3 Oct 2012

BASF opens new topical formation lab in NY

BASF is opening a new lab in New York to research skin reactions to solubilisers and excipent agents.

BASF has announced the opening of a global dermatology lab in New York where topical formations will be developed for the pharmaceutical market.

Specifically, it will run research skin irritations and allergic reactions to full formulations that use BASF solubilisers and agents from its portfolio of excipients.

The lab will also offer customer services to help them develop new marketing concepts and solve formulation challenges.
Daniel Piergentili, vice president of BASF pharma ingredients and services in North America, said that the company will be utilising its expertise in liquid and semi-solid formulations for skin applications.

"With the investment in a laboratory concentrating only on the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, BASF will be able to focus on the unique challenges of effectively delivering drugs with topical formulations, thereby improving patient health," she said.

Since it integrated Cognis' portfolio of pharmaceutical-grade excipients in 2010, the company has been able to significantly broaden its range of lipid-based emollients, surfactants, emulsifiers, gelling agents, waxes and solubilisers.

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