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BASF's active ingredient Lipofructyl re-awarded Fair Trade label

8 Dec 2020

The company's Argan Program promotes ethical sourcing and a sustainable supply chain for argan oil

For the fourth time in a row, BASF Beauty Care Solutions has been awarded the “Fair For Life” label by Ecocert for its active ingredient Lipofructyl Argan.

Under this Fair Trade standard, the organic certification organization evaluates the social, environmental and local impact of supply chains.

Derived from the hand-picked fruit of the argan tree, the moisturizing oil Lipofructyl Argan is part of BASF’s sustainable Argan Program, which was established in 2005.

The original aim of the program was to study the argan tree and valorize the oil and its byproducts while diversifying the revenue of the cooperatives and fostering preservation of argan forests by local populations.

According to Amandine Peguin, raw material sourcing manager at BASF Beauty Care Solutions, the Personal Care market is being driven by "conscious consumerism" and "ethical beauty.

"People are increasingly looking for products that are as good for them as they are for the planet and its residents," said Amandine.

Back in 2005, BASF teamed up with Targanine, a network of six oil processing cooperatives from the region of Agadir in southern Morocco, marking the beginning of BASF’s Argan Program.

More than 1,000 women from rural communities now are involved in Targanine’s argan oil production efforts – a six-fold increase since the start. The cooperative markets several products, including byproducts, botanical and essential oils, and bee products.

BASF purchases the oil and its byproducts under Fair Trade conditions, with 50% of the price paid for the pulp allocated to social funds within the cooperatives. The money is used on schemes such as literacy programs and health-related initiatives.

Lipofructyl Argan is one of three ingredients derived from BASF’s Argan Program. In addition to the Fair Trade certified argan oil, other parts of the argan tree — previously non-valorized for cosmetic applications — have been used to develop new active substances, including an anti-aging extract from the leaves of the argan tree (Arganyl), and an anti-ageing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) based on argan pulp (Argassential). Argan oil, pulp and leaves are certified organic.

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