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From a starting staff of four, Bausch+Ströbel has grown to an internationally operating group of companies with about 2,000 employees. Today, the special machinery manufacturer is a world market leader in pharmaceutical packaging machinery.

The Bausch+Ströbel product line-up ranges from semiautomatic filling and closing machines for laboratory applications and galenic formulations to fully automatic production machines and complex high-speed production lines which can handle up to 60,000 containers per hour. In 2013, Wilco AG joined the Bausch+Ströbel group and has since complemented our scope by precise, fully automatic inspection systems.

The customers of Bausch+Ströbel include reputable companies from the pharmaceutical field all over the world. With our long experience and profound knowhow, we can develop optimal solutions which meet even very special customer requirements. For this purpose, our research department has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities.

Bausch+Ströbel equipment is known for its high quality. We do not offer the machinery alone, however. To ensure that our customers can fully exploit their capacities, we offer a range of dedicated services as well. They include systematic maintenance, spare parts management, remote services and expert training for machine operators in pharmaceutical production facilities. The Bausch+Ströbel Academy offers a broad variety of basic and advanced training modules, and covers topics such as equipment availability or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The modularized training can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

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Products from Bausch + Ströbel Maschinenfabrik Ilshofen GmbH & Co. KG

  • Flexible Production Systems

    Product Flexible Production Systems

    // Looking for the greatest possible flexibility in your pharma production? We have the perfect solution. ///

    In the pharmaceutical industry nothing stays the same for very long. There are always new processes, challenges, and developments to contend with.It’s important that you quickly adapt your approach to meet changing times – Therefore, flexibility is key. To help you meet these challenges, Bausch + Ströbel offers a wide range of flexible production systems. Covering all your needs from laboratory applications, research and small batch production to high-speed commercial production:
    Table Top machines - The ideal solution in turning research into innovative productsKeep it simple.
    Keep it flexible. VarioSys is in line with your needs.
    CombiSys - Flexibility meets zero reject principle.
  • Life Cycle Services

    Product Life Cycle Services

    // We are your Partner in every phase of the product life cycle. ///

    When you purchase a Bausch+Ströbel line, you are making a sustainable long-term investment. We take a holistic view of all your pharmaceutical processes and see ourselves as your production partner.
    By collaborating on an interdisciplinary level, we develop comprehensive solutions for your production lines. It is our ambition to support you in every phase of the product life cycle by providing you with the best possible solutions. Are you keen to avoid unscheduled production downtime and maintain the reliability of your production process? Working in cooperation with our experts, we develop the perfect product for every phase of the product life cycle to help you tackle these challenges. We provide you with a range of services geared towards our common goal of getting your products to market quickly and safely.
  • smartline – make smart decisions.

    Product smartline – make smart decisions.

    // A combination of attractive lead times and reliable technology. ///

    Are you looking for an approved machine concept off the shelf with short delivery times? But still want to be able to optimize your line based on the needs of your individual product? We’ve got you covered. By choosing our smartline concept you can select your personal solution from pre-engineered options and still maintain your flexibility. Dive in and learn about the great possibilities of our smartline machine concepts: From tabletop solutions up to high-speed processing lines.

    Your benefits: + Customized solutions
    + Attractive lead times due to time efficient project workflow
    + Pre-engineered concepts
    + Short time to market
    + Reliable and proven technology
  • CombiSys

    Product CombiSys

    // Flexibility meets zero reject principle. ///

    CombiSys is an efficient and highly productive system solution that enables you to process various packaging materials on a single platform. The transport system uses grippers that give you a wide working range without changing size parts. Modular design and systematic use of standardized components are further advantages of this system solution allowing easy maintenance and resource-efficient parts management.
    The CombiSys work stations are all based on the same functional principle, which greatly simplifies changing size parts and maintenance. CombiSys requires only a few size parts, making it easy to reconfigure for a different container type and user-friendly – CombiSys is configured for in-nest processing of pre-sterilized syringes, vials or cartridges (RTU containers)

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  • Exterior cleaning with ARM10600

    Product Exterior cleaning with ARM10600

    // Combining maximum product quality with highest standards of worker safety: Our newly developed exterior cleaning process adapts to your needs. ///

    Inhaling potent medicines, or just touching them, can have noxious effects even in minute quantities. It is therefore vitally important to quickly and gently remove possible contamination from the exterior of vials after dosing or freeze-drying. There is a number of challenges that need to be addressed: Reproducibility of the cleaning process, perfect cleaning results, a highly flexible transport system and hygienic machine design are just some of them. Our innovative solution for this critical process is an all-new external cleaning machine for vials and bottles. It is a highly effective exterior cleaning machine that not only features an innovative cleaning system, but also a flexible design that allows quick adaptation to different container sizes and cleaning requirements.

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  • Video VarioSys - Flexible solutions for pharmaceutical processing

    // Keep it simple. Keep it flexible. VarioSys is in line with your needs. ///

    The innovative and highly flexible VarioSys® production system for biotech and pharmaceuticals is essentially a combination of two elements: An isolator made by SKAN and machine modules made by Bausch+Ströbel and Harro Höfliger. The machine modules are simply slotted into place on the "lock-and-key" principle and plugged in. Pharmaceutical production can be extended by adding a suitable freeze-dryer made by GEA.

    Watch the VarioSys Trailer to find out more!