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BDD is a specialist drug formulation company providing expertise across all areas of drug delivery. We offer a full service package to fit individual needs from troubleshooting, formulation development, in vitro and in vivo testing and full technology transfer.

Our patented delayed release technology OralogiK provides unrivalled control of drug release at the right place and time.

Our clinical division provides a full clinical package, including protocol development, study documentation design and regulatory authority submission, through to close out and production of ICH GCP-compliant clinical study report.

We specialise in gamma scintigraphy, a powerful and versatile technology used to investigate the in vivo behaviour of your formulation. Coupled with pharmacokinetic data, this technique can be used to provide information on time /site of disintegration, gastric emptying, GI transit and intra/ inter individual differences.

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Products from BDD Pharma

  • BDD Scintigraphy

    Product BDD Scintigraphy

    Gamma scintigraphy is a powerful and versatile technology used to investigate the in-vivo performance of your drug or product. This non-invasive imaging technique allows us to follow the fate of the dosage form and administering it to a volunteer or patient. Not limited to just oral dosage forms, gamma scintigraphy can be used to image formulation behaviour in the lungs, eyes, nose, oesophagus or any other site of administration of your product. PK analysis can be coupled with scintigraphy to give a complete picture of your products behaviour. We are market leaders in gamma scintigraphy with a proven track record and a global client base.
    Scintigraphy is a powerful, fast and incredibly effective tool providing a much clearer picture than PK data alone offers. The information that you get on the in vivo performance of your formulation combined with our expertise allows you to shape your formulation development strategy, reducing costs and time to market. Scintigraphic data can also be used to support drug delivery claims, for marketing or regulatory purposes.
  • BDD Swift - adaptive clinical studies

    Product BDD Swift - adaptive clinical studies

    •SWIFT accelerates evaluation and optimisation of product performance using in vivo clinical data to direct formulation design in real time.
    •SWIFT studies enable you to make decisions on formulation changes based on emerging clinical data. • This integration of formulation development, GMP manufacturing and clinical testing activities can reduce time from initial prototype development to clinical evaluation in as little as 6 months. 

    Traditional pharmaceutical development pathways perform product development and clinical testing sequentially, despite the fact that the in vitro tools available to formulators provide no guarantee of success in complex in vivo conditions. The result is a process that is almost trial and error, with performance not fully understood until the last stages of lengthy and expensive development and scale up cycles. If the desired outcomes are not achieved, the process will either need to be repeated with an optimised product or the programme cancelled.

    BDD SWIFT provides an alternative to this classical model by enabling product performance to be optimised using continuous feedback from real clinical results to direct formulation design in real time. This integration of formulation development, GMP manufacturing and clinical testing activities can reduce time from initial prototype development to clinical evaluation to just 6 months while dramatically improving chances of a successful outcome.

    There are 3 key stages in a successful SWIFT clinical study:

    1. Formulation Design –incorporate carefully considered variables within a pre-determined design space to allow optimisation of formulation performance in vivo

    2. Clinical Trial Design – an adaptable clinical trial design enabling rapid optimisation of your product with the minimal number of study arms

    3. Rapid evaluation of pharmacokinetics – quick and accurate results from each study arm allows time to evaluate data and initiate nimble formulation changes before the next dosing

  • OralogiK™ - Controlled release technology

    Product OralogiK™ - Controlled release technology

    BDD has developed an erosion based controlled release technology that provides unrivaled control of drug release at a pre-defined time with no release of drug prior to the pulse. The technology is an erodible barrier layer that is wrapped around a drug containing core to give a tablet in tablet dose form. The barrier layer is designed to erode at a controlled rate until eventually the drug is released from the core tablet and the length of the delay period can be tailored between 2 and 8 hours by simply changing excipient ratios.

    The barrier layer works independently of the core so can be applied to almost any drug where there is a therapeutic need, with minimal development. The release can be sustained or pulsed release giving unparalleled versatility.

     The OralogiK barrier layer can be readily film coated, allowing addition of an immediate release dose which can be the same or different to the drug in the core tablet.

    These wide-ranging formulation attributes permit the realisation of complex delivery profiles in which one or more drugs can be combined into a single tablet, using proven manufacturing technologies to achieve new therapeutic objectives, previously unattainable.