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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring -Aminodarone / Desethylamiodarone -Benzodiazepines & Tricyclic Antidepressants -Antiepileptic drigs (incl. Lamotrigine, Trileptal, Sultiam, Zonisamide) -Levetiracetam -Mycophenolic Acid -Olanzapine, Desmethylolanzapine -Itraconazole, Posaconazole Anti-HIV Drugs

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Analytical Technologies Limited

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  • iUHPLC / HPLC 3000 PLUS

    Product iUHPLC / HPLC 3000 PLUS

    3000plus autosampler delivers high injection accuracy of 0.3% RSD, thanks to its high precision machining parts and advanced control algorithm. It also employ a design of changeable sampling loop, which extend linearity range and meet the need of more applications


    UV SPECTROPHOTOMETER TS2080 PLUS(DOUBLE BEAM)  1) TS2080 plus Spectrophotometer adopt double beam survey optical system, and blazed holograpic gratings. They have outstanding test precision and very competitive prices. 2) 8-inch multi color touch screen cutting-edge user interface, powerful functions and easy operation. 3) Monochromator with high end optics(Czerny-Turner mounting for high energy) 4) With powerful functions, the equipment shows great performance in qualitative and quantitative testing

    Product TOC ANALYZER

    uniTOC instruments - the principle of operation Both instruments use the UV/persulfate oxidation procedure followed by NDIR measurement. Dependent on the sample consistency the oxidation process can even be performed reagent-free. The typical application fields of the uniTOC systems allow the dosage of larger volumes of sample, which guarantees high reproducibility of results as well as a high sensitivity. During standard operation, the on-line measurements have short measuring times. The continous self-cleaning procedure of the reactor avoids any cross-contaminations. Since the quality of the sparging gas can be low, the use of pressurized air is standard. The non-dispersive infrared detektor system is absolutely selective to carbon dioxide and therefore independent of the sample matrix. The setup of the instruments allow the determination of totel inorganic carbon (TIC) and the total organic carbon (TOC) content from the same sample. This measurements are independent of the sample temperature. uniTOC- Analysis Method uniTOC- systems TC – Total Carbon The total carbon concentration of the sample is the sum of the inorganic carbon and organic carbon content. In the uniTOC instrumetns, inorganic and organic carbon are measured separately. TIC – Total Inorganic Carbon CO2 and the ionic carbonate is sparged with the carrier gas as carbon dioxide into the NDIR detection cell and measured.


    New type cube corner Michelson interferometer features smaller size and more compact structure, providing higher stability and less sensitive to vibrations and thermal variations thanconventional Michelson interferometer. · Fully sealed damp and dust proof interferometer, adopting high performance, long lifetime sealing material and desiccator, ensures higher adaptability to the environment and increases accuracy and reliability in operation. Viewable window for silica gel enables easy observation and replacement.


    Ion Chromatography is one of the most important methods for the determination of alkaline, alkaline earth and transition metals, inorganic anions, sulfuric compounds of different oxidation levels, organic acids, and various tensides. Indeed, for aqueous solutions Ion Chromatography is one of the most sensitive methods for these substances, since in most cases the samples can be injected into the system without time consuming sample preparation. If required, e.g. for trace amounts, enrichment can be done within the chromatographic system.


    3-part differentiation of WBC, 23 parameters +3 histograms · Low sample volume: 10m blood · Unique dilute program, independent HGB detection system · Up to 60 samples per hour · Automatic probe cleaning & sample dilution · Large color LCD display · Data storage of 30,000 sample with histogram
  • DAC Column

    Product DAC Column

    The 3132i High-Pressure Binary Gradient Pump incorporates two pump systems with active high pressure mixer with adjustable chamber volume. An optional integrated vacuum degasser removes dissolved gases in the eluents and prevents air bubbles in the system. The system is available with Micro, Analytical or Semi Preparative pumpheads in Stainless Steel or PEEK.
  • Nano bio DAD/PDA

    Product Nano bio DAD/PDA

    Every life science lab is unique and requires measurements of a variety of samples. Having Nano bio DAD, a full-featured and diode array-based spectrophotometer in your laboratory provides flexibility for routine and fast assays. Nano bio DAD and its various accessories including Nano Stick, Multi-Stick and standard cuvette cell holder, meet the needs of laboratory scientist looking for innovation and enhancement in their life science research.
  • Colposcope

    Product Colposcope

    Qualify stereoscopic optics. Facilities assessment of the finest epithelial changes Ergonomic design: For convenient and fast positioning and focusing of colposcope Compact size: To conveniently move from one room to another Inclinable Binocular tubes 0180 degree or more: for best viewing experience Objective lenses: with different focal lengths allow user to select the convenient working distance. 300 mm, 400 mm Stepless zoom magnification settings: allow user to study epithelium at high magnification and carry you treatment at low magnification. Swing in vessel delineation fitter: For improved visual activity. Optimum cold light illumination system: Help distinguishing small color differences in epithelium Suitable for tuboplasty (with swivel Arm Stand) & other Micro Surgical Procedure.


       1. Brand-new designed microcomputer temperature control system of world advanced control technology. High accuracy of temperature control (optimum: ± 0.05°C), high reliability and anti-interference. 2. Control and operating parameters (including for detectors) set up by the keyboard. Self-diagnosis system, power-fail protection, file storage and call, limited temperature setting. Accurate display of setting and actual value of temperature control of each path, bridge current of TCD, sensitivity of FID, retention and analysis time. 3. Four paths of independent control sections: column oven, sample injector, detector and thermal conductive pond. 4. 5-ramp programmed temperature rising control. Auto-drop of temperature of column oven (auto-opening the door behind the oven) to a fast cooling. 5. Dual FID provided with options of GC 2979 A-TCD, GC 2979A-ECD, GC 2979 A-FPD and GC2979A-NPD, gas sampling valve, transformation oven, absorber and pyrolysis absorber available for selection. Two detectors can be installed at the same time with high sensitivity. Short time to be stabilized and easy to clean and install nozzle. 6. Packed column and capillary column (0.53 large diameter or small diameter) can be installed easily including a complete set of split sampling connector and tailing connector to be installed free of charge. Optional 0.53mm large diameter capillary direct sampler is available for choice. 7. Analysis can be conducted in packed or capillary column with multiple sampling methods. 8. Packed column: on-column sampling, instantaneous vaporized sampling and gas sampling. 9. Capillary column: split sampling and 0.53mm large diameter capillary direct sampling. 10. Construction of dual gas path, dual sample injector and dual packed column system can effectively avoid baseline undulation and drift in real time and facilitate programmed temperature rising analysis. Accurate and scaled type gas path control valves will provide a high repeatability and stability. 11. Advanced functions: auto ON/OFF temperature control system, permanent data storage, file storage and call and over-temperature protection. 12. Large volume column (300x280x270) can hold capillary column and dual packed column. Built-in heating filament structure is in favor of quartz capillary analysis. 13. A complete set of accessories including purifier, pressure-reducing valve, gas path tube, wrench and tools, injection needle and connectors of all kinds are provided free of charge and are ready to connect with supply-air system prepared by users.

    Product MRI/NMR

    The AT-NMR-AT-G1 is our highest field MRI available and accommodates 40 and 60 mm coil sizes.The 1 T field improves resolution and sensitivity to fully characterize healthy and diseased states of the major organs. Analytical Technologies Limited’s analyzing and imaging software enable researchers to obtain a larger range of MRI images faster and more reliably.The hardware/software solution is rugged and durable, permitting novice users to acquire images using the most advanced protocols.


    HPLC analytical usually applied to dierent polarirty involatile thermostable organic compounds, also a variety of bioactive substances and natural products:synthetic and natural polymers amongst many. Today, 80% of the organic compounds can use liquid chromatography for analysis and detection.

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