Biolat develops, produces and commercializes natural active ingredients and finished products from renewable forest resources – pine and spruce needles. Innovative and sustainable approach has led to the development and distribution of prophylactic products indicated for cardiovascular, chronic hepatic, immunity and common cold conditions. Recently, Biolat has launched SenoX line, including products with anti-aging properties, backed by in-house clinical trial.

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Products from BIOLAT

  • Pine needle green complex

    Product Pine needle green complex

    Pine needle extractives are rich in the key nutrients (polyprenols, chlorophyll, carotenoids, phytosterols, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals ets) that promote good health and provide potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory action. The pine species selected are subjected to extremes in environmental conditions and have developed properties to survive over 1.5 million years in evolutionary terms. The chemical compounds that give each species these amazing properties are highly bioavailable in human systems yielding fantastic medicinal and health giving results.
  • SENO X Age Reversal

    Product SENO X Age Reversal

    SENO X Age Reversal is first in a new class of anti-aging nutraceuticals called Senolytics. Active ingredients act to keep senescent cells in check by slowing their formation, neutralizing their excreted toxins, and thwarting dysfunctional aberrant cells. Product acts on senescent and aberrant cells to revitalize health and promote youthfulness.

BIOLAT Resources

  • Brochure BIOLAT product and raw material Catalog 2019

    Inspired by nature, manufactured for the people by industry specialists BIOLAT delivers high-quality products that are the result of long-standing cooperation between scientists, engeneers and doctors, who apply cutting-edge research techniques in order to create unique natural products. BIOLAT also offers spruce and pine needle extracts dissolving in polar or non-polar solvents, primary nutrients extracted using modern technology for use in food production, pharmaceutical, cosmetic etc. sectors.We offer several product lines for a better health: anti-cold and immunity-boosting formulationsfood supplements and cosmetics with anti-aging effectscardiovascular health and dports-performance boostersas well as special products suitable for children.