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From pre-clinical development to commercial supply, Patheon is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of mammalian cell culture drug substances. Patheon offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies the ability to pursue opportunities around the globe with a fully integrated network of facilities. These world-class cGMP sites feature USP and DSP processes and technologies that enable us to meet your preclinical, clinical and commercial milestones and goals for even your most challenging projects. With unmatched flexibility, Patheon gives you access to a breadth of options and technical expertise in biologic drug substance that will transform your expectations for yields, time to market and costs and that is supported by sterile manufacturing, including aseptic filling and lyophilization.
• Process and analytical development of mammalian cell culture drug substances
• Clinical and commercial cGMP manufacturing via fed-batch, perfusion and XD®
• cGMP and non-cGMP supply

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  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Product Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    We cover the spectrum from clinical to commercial services to outsource active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), registered intermediates (RIs), and registered starting materials (RSMs). DSM services encompass most commercially-used chemical conversions. Some of our specialities include:

    •Chiral technologies
    •Homogenous catalysis
  • Commercial Manufacturing Capabilities

    Product Commercial Manufacturing Capabilities

    As the global leader in large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing, Patheon offers extensive commercial capabilities and capacity for drug product manufacturing. We have a global network of twelve fully integrated world-class commercial scale facilities – all preapproved by international regulatory agencies, and all maintaining the highest standards of quality and service. We take pride in our steadfast reliability, unmatched regulatory track record but also in our spirit of innovation, as demonstrated by our introduction of the world’s first sterile backup supply service. Over the course of nearly 40 years Patheon has earned the trust of the most quality-conscious pharmaceutical companies by being able to provide exceptional service in:
    • Large-scale capabilities and capacity at facilities around the world
    • Wide variety of solid, sterile and softgel dose forms
    • Award-winning technology transfers and scale-up
    • Expertise in complex formulations, controlled substances and highly potent compounds
    • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Formulation Development

    Product Formulation Development

    Patheon offers pharmaceutical development services,
    analytical development services, and clinical trial
    material manufacturing for solid dosage forms.
    • Preformulation Services
    • Formulation Services
    • Analytical Research Support
    • Laboratory Facilities
    • Clinical Trial Material
    Manufacturing—Solid Dose
  • Blister Packs

    Product Blister Packs

    Blister Packaging • Thermoform • Cold Form • Push-Through or Child Resistant • Online Foil Printing • Pre-printed foil • Color Vision Systems • Inserts & Coupons • Hospital Unit Dose • Compliance promoting Other Packaging • Pouches and Packets
  • Capsules/encapsulation

    Product Capsules/encapsulation

    Blending Granulation and Compression
    • Direct compression blending
    • Wet granulation
    • Dry granulation
    • Top spray granulation
    • High and low shear granulation
    • Tray
    • Microwave
    • Wurster drug layering and coating
    • Aqueous and solvent film coating
    • Sugar coating
    • Sustained-release bead coating
  • Cell Culture

    Product Cell Culture

    We offer world-class technologies and manufacturing services to the biopharmaceutical market, incorporating mammalian cell lines as production platforms for recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies on all commercial cell lines, including CHO, Hybridoma and PER.C6® cell line.
    •Range of mammalian bioreactor sizes from 50L – 1,000L, combined with strong process and analytical development capabilities.
    •Stainless steel and Single Use Bioreactors
  • Contract Manufacturing of Dosage form Drugs

    Product Contract Manufacturing of Dosage form Drugs

    Our finished product services include aseptic filling, lyophilisation, cytotoxic and clinical trial manufacturing, tablets/capsules, scheduled drugs and a variety of packaging services. •Aseptic liquid filling – with LiquidAdvantage proprietary distribution control system •Lyophilisation – with LyoAdvantage software for cycle control •Clinical trial manufacturing – post discovery, cGMP Phase I, II, III or ready for commercial manufacturing •Solid dosage form •Packaging
  • Custom Manufacturing

    Product Custom Manufacturing

    Patheon is a leading provider of contract development and commercial manufacturing (CDMO) services to the global pharmaceutical industry for a full array of solid and sterile dosage forms. Patheon, a DPx Holdings B.V. business unit, encompasses the combined CMO capabilities and pharmaceutical product development services (PDS), as well as the Biosolutions and Biologics (BIO) business.
  • Drug Delivery Systems

    Product Drug Delivery Systems

    • Biomedical materials science for advanced
    drug delivery technologies
    • Proprietary bioresorbable polymers for
    implantable drug delivery systems
    • Precise target area controlled release
  • Outsourcing

    Product Outsourcing

    Patheon has a broad biomanufacturing platform for pharma and bio-industrial products which provides sustainable solutions for mammalian cell-based and microbial-based manufacturing, green chemistry R&D and manufacturing technologies, and finished dosage production of biopharmaceuticals. With an offering covering early stage development through clinical trials to the full commercial production and packaging, DSM serves the breadth of the biopharma value chain.
  • Pharmaceutical Development Services

    Product Pharmaceutical Development Services

    Patheon enables its customers to bring drug candidates from preclinical stages through to clinical trials, the NDA approval process and, if approved, commercial manufacturing. Patheon offers the full breadth of advanced scientific and preformulation services through to late development in solid and sterile dosage forms, as well as specialized capabilities in high potency, controlled/sustained release, and sterile manufacturing, including aseptic filling and lyophilization. Very few CDMOs can bring this big-picture perspective to building success into both solid and sterile pharmaceutical products. We give you access to a remarkably wide selection of formulation technologies.
    • Conventional and specialized oral solid dose formats, including softgels and softgel technologies
    • Liquid and lyophilized sterile products, including prefilled syringes and cartridges
    • High potency products and controlled substances
    • Solubility and bioavailability enhancement expertise
  • Softgels

    Product Softgels

    Softgel Capsules
    EnterlCare® Enteric Softgels
    Twist-Off Softgels
    LiquilSoft™ Chewable Liquid-Filled Softgels
    Versatrol™ Controlled-Release Softgels
    Solvatrol™ Enhanced Solubility Softgels
    Soflet® Gelcaps
    Chewels® Chewable Gels
    EcoCaps™ Non-Animal Softgels

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