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26 Mar 2012

Biomar Microbial Technologies Expands API Capacity

According to the company, 95% of its capacity will be employed to serve foreign multinationals, and 5% will be for companies on the domestic market.

Biomar Microbial Technologies has invested 2 million euros in the expansion of its León factory to produce kilograms of APIs for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, agriculture and energy industries.


Biomar prevents contamination by working with a single product line per campaign in the api processing and fermentation phases. Also, 20% of the investment went to the creation of a white room containing purified air in order to prevent the external pollution of the different substances.


The expansion allows for a reduction of research production and development times for third party companies, allowing them to optimize scale-up processes, bolstering effectiveness with low performance compounds and reducing response times to customer orders.

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