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Biosidus, is an Argentina-based company pioneer in biotechnology, which for three decades have been developing and producing top quality recombinant proteins. Since the launch of epoetin in 1990, Biosidus has increased its presence worldwide across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Today, we are selling our products in more 45 countries worldwide. This also includes our own presence in strategic markets through JVs.
Biosidus’s portfolio consists of eight key recombinant human proteins across the therapeutic divisions of Nephrology, Hematology, Multiple Sclerosis, Endocrinology, Oncology and Hepatitis: epoetin, filgrastim, lenograstim, interferon beta 1a, somatropin, teriparatide, interferon alfa 2a and interferon alfa 2b.
Together with this, we have the following products in different stages of development: peginterferon alfa 2a, pegfilgrastim, interferon beta 1a (30 mcg intramuscular), interferon beta 1b and agalsidase.
Recently, we have enlarged our portfolio by including generic products (small molecules) to our Onco-Hematology, Oncology and Immunosuppressive areas to be commercialized in all the territories in which Biosidus is present.
Our goal is to lead the biosimilars and niche markets in emerging countries. Besides, we are aiming to be actively present with our biosimilars in central countries through partnering with local players. We are intensively looking for innovative products as well as biosimilars at late stages of development for the following specific therapeutic areas: Onco -Hematology,   Hematology,   Growth hormone deficiency,   Bone metabolism,    Hepatitis C,   Pulmonary hypertension,   Immunosuppressive therapy for transplantation patients,  Rheumatoid arthritis.     We are looking for companies to partner us in introducing our biosimilar versions of teriparatide and interferon beta 1a in central markets such as US, Europe and Japan. This approach is based on the highly documented preclinical and clinical development as well as the large experience after many years in the market together with their corresponding pharmacovigilance programs. 
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