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World market leader in high-dose selenium injections 

biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH is a pharmaceutical and biotech company based in Fellbach, Germany specializing in trace elements, world market leader in high-dose selenium injections, developer and operator of two globally unique GMP active ingredient products and also active in the biotech sector with a glycoprotein isolated from ...

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  • selenase® T pro injectione (1000 µg)

    Product selenase® T pro injectione (1000 µg)

    • selenium pharmaceutical • Active substance - Sodium selenite pentahydrate - 50 μg selenium per ml • 1 injection vial with 20 ml solution for injection contains 1000 μg selenium. • Indications - Proven selenium deficiency that cannot be corrected via diet. Selenium deficiency may occur in maldige...

    Product MEPTID®

    • WHO Stage II opioid • Active substance - meptazinol hydrochloride • Indication - MEPTID® is indicated in moderate to severe pain of various causes. • Composition - 1 ml of the solution for injection (1 ampoule) contains 115.6 mg meptazinol hydrochloride corresponding to 100 mg meptazinol. • Posolo...

    Product IMMUCOTHEL®

    Active substance - Standardised immunocyanin
    Indications - Relapse prevention of superficial carcinoma of the bladder [Tis, Ta–T1(G1–G3)] after transurethral resection. IMMUCOTHEL® constitutes only second line treatment in immunological treatment for relapse prevention.
    • Patients appreciate the...

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