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Biosynth is a manufacturer and distributor of organic fine chemicals in the field of enzyme substrates, indole derivatives and speciality chemicals for microbiology, molecular biology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food and environmental testing.
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Luciferin Product Minireview

The review covers basic science of Luciferase enzymes, mechanistic aspects of FLuc bioluminescence, S.A.R of Luciferins and top-notch discoveries in the field. Particular attention is given to the highly promising area of in vivo bioluminescence.

whitepaper | 2017-10-02
Luminol Product Minireview

In this product minireview we discuss the basic science of Luminol Chemiluminescence, its applications and the main areas of innovation in the field.

whitepaper | 2017-10-30
A novel powerful chromogenic substrate for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus/MRSA

S. aureus / MRSA forms red colored colonies on solid growth media with Biosynth's new substrate ALDOL 515 Phosphate (Cat.No A-4721_P00). In contrast to convenitional chromogenic substrates there is no growth inhibition caused by this substrates, this results in significant bgger positive colonies.
Also the read-out is fast: clear-cut signals are seen after only 16 hours of incubation of agar plates containing ALDOL 515 Phosphate.

catalog | 2017-09-19

Detection of beta-galactosidase positive bacteria on solid media
Known chromogenic enzyme substrates such as X-Gal and Magenta-beta-D-Gal form bacteria colonies with colors ranging from blue to red on solid (agar) media. This limitation of the available colors may impede the simultaneous detection of multiple enzymes on one agar plate. Therefore, we developed new substrate colors: Jalapeño green-Gal, Bronze-Gal, Crimson-Gal, and Espresso-Gal. These substrates rapidly develop colored colonies of beta-galactosidase positive bacteria E. coli and coliforms.

catalog | 2017-09-19
RUG™ is the new MUG

RUG™ – novel beta-glucuronidase substrate

Biosynth's novel patented substrate RUG™ (Resorufin-beta-D-glucuronicacid methyl ester, Biosynth Cat. No. R-2155_P00) is transfered by E. coli into the very robust and bright dye Resorufin. Resorufin is one of the most intensely fluorescent materials known today. Hence Resorufin-beta-D-glucuronide represents the perfect agent to detect E. coli bacteria at very low concentrations.

catalog | 2017-09-19
viF Bright New Fluorescence Dyes and Labels

Biosynth viF™ fluorescent dyes and labels cover a range of emission wavelengths from blue to near infra-red (NIR). They are characterized by high optical and chemical stability for long lasting fluorescent signals even under demanding test conditions.

catalog | 2017-09-19
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