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Biovico is rapidly growing mid-size biotech company, with a strong legacy in the development of innovative products with a particular focus on biotechnology, orthopedics and regenerative medicine. The company consequently realizes its aims including introduction and development of effective preparations in field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. From the year of establishment, the company has launched several medical devices in the area of orthopedics, rheumatology and neurology. Leader in the field of regenerative medicine (viscosupplementation, autologous therapies). Biovico has developed its own internal programs that generate novel technologies, medical devices based on our patented technologies. These programmes are at various stages of development (both marketed products as well as a research programs) and are available for partnering directly from Biovico. We have extensive experience in life sciences, and we are experts in biopolymers and preclinical development, and validation of products as well as registration and marketing of new products.

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Products from Biovico Sp. z o.o. (5)

  • Biolevox™ HA intraarticular injections

    Product Biolevox™ HA intraarticular injections

    Biolevox™ HA is a line hyaluronic acid gels for an intraarticular injections in pre-filled syringes. Sodium hyaluronate obtained by bacterial fermentation is used as a viscoelastic gel in osteoarthritic joint. Hyaluronic acid role in joint is to facilitate the joint movement, relief pain, protect intra-articu...
  • Biolevox™ Tendon

    Product Biolevox™ Tendon

    Biolevox™ HA Tendon is a hyaluronic acid administered around the tendon or into the tendon sheath. Biolevox™ HA Tendon is a gel with an optimal concentration of 1.6%, volume of 2 ml and molecular mass.Biolevox™ HA Tendon can reduce the level of perceived pain and leads to a substantial recovery of the functio...
  • Xerthra™ kits

    Product Xerthra™ kits

    Xerthra™ kits – procedure packs for isolation and separation of platelet rich plasma (PRP) or injectible fibrine (iPRF) from patient’s peripheral blood.
    Xerthra™ PRP kit provides  a fraction of autologus plasma with increased number of leukocytes which synthesize cytokines and higher amounts of ...

    Product MONOSHOT HA + PRP

    MONOSHOT is a procedure pack intended for intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid (HA) enriched with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). MONOSHOT provides the simultaneous lubricating and shock-absorbing effect of hyaluronic acid with optimally selected physicochemical parameters as well as the regenerative effe...
  • Capsules/tablets

    Product Capsules/tablets

    Biolevox™ Neuro (30 film-coated tablets)a set of ingredients that support the functioning of the nervous system.

    Biolevox™ Complex bis (90 film-coated tablets) supplements the diet with ingredients found in joint structures thus supports the their functioning.