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8 Oct 2021

Boost your drug bioavailability with Labrafac™ MC60

Discover Labrafac™ MC60, glycerol monocaprylocaprate, an oral bioavailability enhancer.

Gattefossé widens its range of high quality, functional excipients for oral bioavailability enhancement with Labrafac™ MC60, glycerol monocaprylocaprate. Labrafac™ MC60 is used for oral bioavailability enhancement of poorly water-soluble, poorly permeable drugs.

Glycerol monocaprylocaprate is a solubilizer of a wide range of molecules. This excipient is also reported to have permeation enhancing properties due to its high content of medium chain fatty acids. The proposed mechanism of action of C8/C10 fatty acids is a combination of transcellular transport due to membrane fluidization and paracellular transport with the reversible opening of enterocytic tight junctions.

Labrafac™ MC60 is widely used in lipid-based formulations type I (oily solutions), type II and III (SEDDS, SMEDDS), and many marketed products worlwide use glycerol moncaprylocaprate. Dutasteride is one example of an oily solution containing only the excipient and the API, in a soft gel capsule. In that case Labrafac™ MC60 is sufficient to solubilize the entire therapeutic dose. For other APIs, a multi excipietns lipid-based formulation is developped to ensure solubilization throughout the digestive tract, where Labrafac™ MC60 can be used for its solubilizing and intestinal permeation enhancement capacity.

Gattefossé has a strong expertise in lipid-based formulation development and provide technical support to customers willing to use lipid excipients to enhance oral bioavailability of drugs.


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