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16 Nov 2018

Bottle Inspection System

Bottle Inspection System

The BIS is a stand-alone machine, consisting of feeder, conveyor, cameras, control systems, and ejection unit.

The Bottle Inspection System (BIS) is a high-performance system for checking the visual defects in HDPE bottles at a throughput of upto 11,000 bottles per hour.

 The high-resolution cameras provide all round inspection for: Molding defects such as short/under molding, flashes, extra material and incomplete blowing / shape variation.  Surface defects like spots, material inclusions, color smears, color shade variations.   Dimensional defects such as ovality, diameter variation etc.   Small holes and thin wall defects.  The whole machine is in cased in an ergonomically designed enclosure which also provides shielding from external light.  Defective products are automatically pushed off the line and the good products are allowed to pass. User friendly graphical touch screen user interface is provided. Machine software is 21CFR part 11 compliant.  

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