LLP Probiotics Brochure


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LLP Probiotics Brochure


LLP Basic probiotic is a combination of 2 back supported strains (Dupont) containing active inulin fibers.

LLP Basic can be used on a daily bases for kids and adults.LLP basic can help to restore the proper balance of the gastrointestinal flora and support the immune system and the upper respiratory tract.

The product can be used during and after antibiotic therapy to supplement the intestinal microbiota (intestinal bacterial flora).It can also be used when traveling with a change in the climate zone when the composition of the microflora changes in the digestive tract.

An increasing number of research studies also show the benefits of probiotics in addressing respiratory and common cold conditions.

Probiotics are safe and effective in reducing common cold-associated symptoms, such as- fever, rhinorrhea, and cough incidences.
Prebiotic fibers help probiotics grow and balance the bacteria i...