BUCK® Containment Valves

BUCK® Containment Valves
Product Description

Offering standard and customized solutions, GEA’s split butterfly valve portfolio includes both manual and automated BUCK® MC valves (DN100–250) with optional assemblies (weighing, raising/lowering and compensator devices), suction for high containment applications (<1 μg/m3 STTWA) and total containment (TC) valve technologies. In addition, the Hicoflex® disposable bag and interface system allows visible product transfer and is designed to handle highly potent solids at volumes of 1–50 L.

Plus, with the new BUCK® MC Lite DN100/150, GEA has successfully reduced the weight of its portable BUCK® MC unit more than 60%, providing the most appropriate solution for your API production. Cost-effective and convenient, GEA has the health and welfare of your operators in mind, as well as process optimization and productivity.

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  • PandaPLUS 2000 Homogenizer

    Product PandaPLUS 2000 Homogenizer

    This small table-top laboratory unit, designed for continuous operation at high pressure, is perfect for a wide variety of life science applications. Offering full scalability of results, it accelerates scale-up and offers the reliable use of high pressure energy for new production process development and optimized product formulation. Suitable for abrasive and viscous products, a fully certified and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical version is also available.

  • ConsiGma® Continuous Processing

    Product ConsiGma® Continuous Processing

    Continuous processing technologies have the potential to transform the future of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and deliver customized quantities of drugs to patients in need in a quick and efficient way. GEA’s ConsiGma® is a multipurpose platform that has been designed to transfer powder into coated tablets in development, pilot, clinical and production volumes in a single compact unit. The system can perform dosing and mixing of raw materials, wet or dry granulation, drying, tableting and quality control, all in one line.
  • MOBILE MINOR™ Spray Dryer

    Product MOBILE MINOR™ Spray Dryer

    Offering an improved design but maintaining the same compact footprint, the MM-100 spray dryer is the newest generation of the MOBILE MINOR™ family. The new MOBILE MINOR™ MM-100 can operate with a process gas flow rate of up to 100 kg/h at an inlet temperature of 200 °C. High capacity HEPA filters for baby food or hazardous chemical applications are available and powder collection glasses in sizes from 250–3500 mL can be supplied as standard. An accurate hot drying gas disperser, designed and built using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, minimizes powder deposits.

  • Hicoflex® Disposable Containment

    Product Hicoflex® Disposable Containment

    The Hicoflex® low-cost disposable high containment system has been designed to provide a highly contained docking solution between the product handling bag and the process. The system is simple, effective and provides a safe working environment for a minimal investment. With containment performance from 1–10 µg/m3 (STTWA) as standard, and an optional extraction shroud to further improve containment levels down to <1 µg/m3 (STTWA), the system is more than suitable for both API and biotech manufacture, as well as secondary solid dosage production.

  • pathfinder: A Flexible Clarifier for Lab-Based Separation

    Product pathfinder: A Flexible Clarifier for Lab-Based Separation

    Designed for pilot and small-scale pharma/biotech applications, the pathfinder separator from GEA is available in three capacity classes (1, 5 or 8), which can process volumes of 15–300 liters simply by changing the bowl

    The pathfinder is the first self-cleaning disk stack separator in the world to operate at 20,000 g. Material is fed into the machine through a closed-line system and a centripetal pump discharges the clarified product. The separator is equipped with a patented hydrohermetic feed system, which prevents shear forces from acting on the product as it enters the bowl. 

  • Meet Q, MODUL™ Q

    Product Meet Q, MODUL™ Q

    GEA’s MODUL Q rotary tablet press sets new standards in efficiency, productivity and reliability.
    Featuring an ECM, an Exchangeable Die Disc, a bigger pitch diameter and the use of A-type tooling, the MODUL™ Q can accommodate 51 punch stations.

    As a single-source supplier of world-leading, state-of-the-art tableting technologies, our innovations include a unique dual control, PAT-compatible technology that monitors and controls tablet weight, hardness and density with an accuracy that cannot be achieved any other way. 

  • Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Processing Solutions Today

    Product Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Processing Solutions Today

    GEA’s comprehensive portfolio of standard and custom-designed equipment, machinery and entire production lines includes benchtop R&D solutions, completely integrated industrial-scale plant and both batch-based and continuous processing technology.

    Solid dosage: From powder handling to granulating, drying, compression and coating, no other supplier offers such a wide range of tableting technologies, including the first ever continuous high shear granulation, drying and tableting platform.

    Liquid dosage: Experts in aseptic process management, closed product handling, GMP requirements and scale-up, we supply modules, components and complete lines.

    Biopharma: For the production of insulin, oncology drugs, inhalables, mAbs, vaccines or therapeutic proteins, our modular plant and equipment meets any specific conditions or requirements.

    Blood products: GEA uses its experience and expertise to provide complete plant for blood and plasma processing.

    A single-source supplier of manufacturing solutions for the life science industries, GEA stands for maximum reliability and productivity.
  • Liquid Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Expertise

    Product Liquid Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Expertise

    Drug production and the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) demands the very highest product quality and purity standards, as well as validated manufacturing processes. As a supplier of sterile process plant with many years of experience, GEA can draw upon the comprehensive theoretical knowledge and expertise of its engineers to provide modern, bespoke and cost effective process technology to manufacture new medicines according to cGMP guidelines and US FDA, SFDA and EMA requirements. The process lines provided by GEA have a proven track record in API production, including fermentation, clarification, separation, homogenization, crystallization, concentration, lyophilization and fractionation. Our standalone machines or package units guarantee a high yield of valuable substances and operate trouble-free, efficiently, reliably and economically throughout a long service life.
  • Innovative, High Quality Vaccine Production with GEA Technology

    Product Innovative, High Quality Vaccine Production with GEA Technology

    Pharmaceutical biotechnology requirements are high, including aseptic process management, optimum cleaning capability, closed product handling, compliance with GMP requirements, gentle product treatment, the efficient recovery of active ingredients and reliable scale-up. With technology and equipment designed specifically for this sector, GEA stands for total compliance with these requirements. A critical factor underlying the success of the company is its ability to swiftly translate new developments into marketable processes and systems that fully meet the complex requirements of biotechnological procedures. With standalone machines or package units that guarantee a high yield of valuable substances and operate trouble-free, efficiently, reliably and economically throughout a long service life, GEA has developed numerous innovative improvements to vaccine production processes and brought them to the global market by applying first-class engineering.
  • Batch Processing

    Product Batch Processing

    Continuous manufacturing may be the future of pharmaceutical production, but batch-based processing is the here and now!

    From powder to coated tablet and from R&D to full-scale manufacturing, no other supplier offers such a comprehensive range of batch-based technologies for oral solid dosage form production.

    Whatever your application, no matter how challenging, GEA’s contained powder handling, granulating, drying, compression and coating solutions will meet and exceed your individual requirements.

    Designed with integration in mind, you can select from a variety of standard process modules to suit your project needs.

    Plus, as containment experts, GEA not only offers the largest portfolio of contained processing solutions, company experts can assist with the selection process and optimize your entire production line, making it efficient, safe and cost-effective.

  • Making Tablets

    Product Making Tablets

    Experts in both batch and continuous manufacturing and with an unrivalled history of identifying the most appropriate solution for customer-specific applications, we offer the widest range of process technologies and solutions available.

    We supply engineering services, process equipment and technologies for the production of oral solid dosage forms to customers in the life science industries. Activities include partnering with customers to develop new products and enhance clinical effectiveness, the supply of R&D-scale and standalone production equipment and completely integrated production lines.

    We provide proven solutions for the most challenging dosage forms, such as oncology drugs, MUPS tablets, effervescent and multi-layer pellets, as well as granules, dragées, crystals and pellets, modified release formulations, solid dispersions for bioavailability enhancement, powders designed for direct tableting or capsule filling, cytostatics and anti-cancer medicines, hormones and antibiotics/anti-infectives.   

    Plus, as containment experts, we not only offer the largest variety of solutions for contained processing, but also unrivalled experience in identifying the most appropriate solution based on a thorough risk analysis.

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    Following the success of the inaugural Reality of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing event, GEA is taking another positive step towards the industry wide adoption of continuous manufacturing by hosting an experience-led continuous processing day in Wommelgem (Belgium) on 4 November.
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