B-VITAL totale

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B-VITAL totale is constituted by a multivitamin formulation that includes the entire span of B vitamins in doses balanced between them and, in particular, contains 100% of the recommended daily intake levels of folic acid (400 mcg) for pregnant women (Assumption Reference Levels of Nutrients 1996) useful to contribute to the growth of maternal tissues during pregnancy. Moreover, Vitamin B group support several crucial body functions, including energy metabolism (vitamin B1, B6, B12), physiological haematopoiesis (vitamin B9 and folic acid), formation of red blood cells (vitamin B12), physiological homocysteine metabolism (vitamin B6, B9, folic acid, B12). Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 to contribute to the normal physiological function and normal nervous system function.
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Categories Finished Dosage FormsCapsules; Finished Dosage FormsDrops; Finished Dosage FormsTablets
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Australia; Africa
Supplied from Italy
Selling Points Brand Name; Cardiovascular Health; Children's Health F&B; Cognitive & Mental Function; Convenience; International Approvals/Standards; Quality Service; Reputation
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