Product description

CALMOMIX is a standardized complex of herbal extracts, rich in active substances with effects on the central nervous system
(CNS). Vegetal component materials from sedativa et hypnotica group demonstrate a multi-directional calming action. They act
mainly on the nervous system, and complementarily on the digestive track, the vascular system and endocrine functions.

CALMOMIX is recommended in difficulties falling asleep, for better sleep quality, in temporarily increased nervous tension and
to alleviate mental stress symptoms.

In 2020, GREENVIT conducted its own randomized study of the effects of CALMOMIX complex on psychological well-being of patients in terms of sleep quality, ease of falling asleep, relief of nervous tension and irritability.
Statistical analysis performed after collection of all the data of the 21-day study confirmed clear advantage of the CALMOMIX complex over placebo in terms of clinical benefits: better ease of falling asleep, better sleep quality, reduced nervous tension.

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