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Cambrex IEP GmbH is the biocatalysis unit of the internal Cambrex group.

Cambrex IEP GmbH, Wiesbaden is a Germany based company with more than 20 years of experience in Industrial Biocatalysis. We provide enzymes and processes for an easier and more cost efficient manufacturing of small molecules. Our enzymes are already used in various multi ton scale productions in the pharmaceutical, generic, cosmetics and flavors & fragrances industry.

The use of our technology does not require special equipment nor special now know and is easy to apply!

Out of a selection of more than 1000 strains currently we have over 600 proprietary enzymes in our library:
  Ketoreductases (> 250 enzymes)
  Transaminases (> 100 enzymes)
  Esterases and Lipases (60 enzymes)
  Nitrilases (> 20 enzymes)
  Amidases (10 enzymes)
  ENE Reductases (20 enzymes)

Oxidases, Lactate dehydrogenase, Format dehydrogenase, Glucose dehydrogenase, Katalase, Nitro- and Azoreductases, Monoamine oxidase and many other > 70 enzymes)

For our clients we identify enzymes suitable for the requested chemical conversions and develop the reaction ready for the integration into the complete production workflow. Patentable know how can be transferred to our clients.

Our specialists support the seamless technology transfer to our client from lab scale up to production scale.

Once established with our clients manufacturing, Cambrex IEP serves as a reliable bulk enzyme supplier.

The attached information provides you with an overview about the conversions and reaction parameters that can be archived with our technology.

We would be happy to answer any question concerning our company or our technology via email, phone calls or teleconference calls. Visits as customer side can be arranged as well.


Cambrex IEP GmbH

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Products from Cambrex IEP GmbH

  • Biocatalytic enzymes for small molecule manufacturing

    Product Biocatalytic enzymes for small molecule manufacturing

      Ketoreductases (>250 enzymes)
      Transaminases (>100 enzymes)
      Lactate dehydrogenase, Format dehydrogenase, Glucose

    dehydrogenase, Katalase, Nitro- and Azoreductases, Monoamine oxidase, Aldolases, Phosphorylase and many other >70 enzymes)

    all enzymes are spray dried and therefore easy to transport and store
    all enzymes are available at industrial manufacturing scale
    if required we deliver BSA/TSA, Kosher and Halal certified enzymes

  • Biocatalytic R&D servcies

    Product Biocatalytic R&D servcies

    Enzyme screening and R&D services
    Enzyme custom development and enzyme manufacturing
    Routescouting, enzyme discovery and improvement Bulk enzyme supplier

  • Enzymes for the degradation of CN, OCN and SCN

    Product Enzymes for the degradation of CN, OCN and SCN

    Cyanase Enzymes for the degradation of CN, OCN and SCN

    Potential Applications:
    Detoxification of excess NaCN after cyanation reaction
    Detoxification of NaCN in aqueous waste waters
    Detoxification of metal CN complex solutions (wastes of electroplating processes)
    Fast decontamination of NaCN after accident-caused release in Environment in order to reduce/prevent  damage

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