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6 Jul 2020

Cambrex increases flexible manufacturing capacity at Karlskoga, Sweden facility

An investment of $3.6 million will cover the installation of a new production line to keep pace with continued growth in commercial-scale API manufacturing.

Cambrex is investing $3.6 million to convert a previously customer-dedicated manufacturing train at its Karlskoga, Sweden facility to increase flexible drug substance manufacturing capacity.

The work will include an additional production line at 6 m³ scale, resulting in a 25% capacity increase at the facility.

Engineering work has already commenced at the facility, which employs more than 400 people, and is expected to be completed by November 2020.

The work involves modifying an existing four-reactor configuration and installing new holding tanks and a 4-m2 Hastelloy Rosemund filter.

“We are seeing continued growth in commercial-scale API manufacturing, and an ongoing trend for customers favoring high-quality European and US partners, so we must ensure capacity is both flexible and available to be in a position to react quickly and effectively to customers’ changing requirements,” commented Bjarne Sandberg, Managing Director, Cambrex Karlskoga.

The company's Karlskoga site features a range of flexible manufacturing facilities, including four cGMP pilot plants and five full-scale commercial production units. In 2019, a new 600-m2 process and analytical development facility was added to the site, along with a 3,000-m2 logistics center.

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