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19 May 2020

Can the industry really claim it's 'business as usual'?

ChargePoint Technology's Chief Commercial Officer says "yes" it can.

As a population, we are all learning how to operate and function during this current global COVID-19 pandemic. But what does this mean for businesses in the pharmaceutical industry who are trying to navigate the landscape during this time?

Everyone is claiming ‘business as usual’ but is this really the case when there are restrictions on global travel and social distancing? Tony O'Sullivan, Chief Commercial Officer at ChargePoint Technology says: "In a word, yes."

O'Sullivan explains that although delays in receiving APIs and raw materials appear to be one of the biggest current challenges, the industry is proving it has solid and working business continuity plans in place.

"Even with the loss of many big industry events, the industry is being creative and finding new ways to speak to and meet with those we would normally be networking with face to face via virtual meetings," says O'Sullivan.

He also notes that companies are also applying this approach to their products — they are conducting virtual demos from living rooms and home offices all over the world.

O'Sullivan adds: "Headquarters are operating within government guidelines, but this isn’t stopping the operational aspect of these businesses, it’s merely providing a new dynamic in which to work safely but still efficiently."

As well as drug developers and manufacturers, those supplying vital containment and sterility assurance equipment used in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments play an important role in the supply chain. Those that are best set up to support their customers remotely will thrive in the current situation.

“Operational efficiency and fulfilling customers' requirements are both inherently part of all of ChargePoint’s processes and these will be particularly important as we strive to continue to overcome all hurdles brought on by this extraordinary situation," says O'Sullivan.

Furthermore, he notes the importance of the industry coming together at this time to help fight and slow this pandemic, whether that’s through direct industry partnerships or via local and regional networks.

"There’s no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic is a very serious concern to everyone in the pharmaceutical industry. It is no surprise that virtually overnight, many vaccine and drug developers pivoted, shifting development resources to focus on pharmaceutical-based solutions to prevent, control and treat the disease. As they make progress, manufacturers will need to step in to help to commercialize their products and bring them to market, concludes O'Sullivan.

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