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26 Aug 2013

Cancer Centre Offers Clinical Trial Guide App

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, US, has developed a new way of keeping patients and physicians up to date with clinical trials by releasing a new app.

Designed primarily for physicians searching for clinical trials for their patients who are not responding to standard cancer treatment the in-house produced iPhone and iPad application, KCI Trials App is hoped to help thousands.

It can also be used by patients and their families to locate the latest possible cancer treatment options available.

Connie Claybaker, Karmanos associate centre director of research administration, said in a statement: “It is important that physicians are familiar with new treatment options available through our clinical trials programme.”

During the past year the centre has begun nearly 325 clinical trials, and it is hoped that by raising awareness of the activity going on there it could prompt more people to consider new forms of cancer treatment.

The app is free and also includes contact numbers and links to the National Cancer Institute. An android version is to be made available by early 2014.

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