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Capricorn Scientific is an ISO certified German manufacturer for cell culture products. The main focus of our production is the manufacturing of high quality animal sera for biotech, diagnostic and research applications but also new supplements and new concepts. Rigorous testing procedures along with comprehensive traceability records and documentation guarantee the excellent and reproducible quality of our products. Our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists has been working in the field of cell culture for many years. We are committed to providing high quality, reliability, and the service you have come to expect from a globally active cell culture company.

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Products from Capricorn Scientific GmbH

  • Defined Media and Reagents

    Product Defined Media and Reagents

    Product portfolio for CHO, HEK, Vero, Hybridoma, Insect and more.
    Customized media and reagents are also part of our manufacturing capabilities.
  • Serum-Free and chemically defined Medium/Media

    Product Serum-Free and chemically defined Medium/Media

    Our Media are designed for small- and large-scale biomanufacturing and feature full and easy scalability.

  • Animal Sera

    Product Animal Sera

    We produce our high quality sera in a completely seperated production area.
    FBS of different origins (e.g. US), Donor Horse, other animal sera are part of our portfolio.
    We also serve the option of vast viral testing and further serum treatment for highest standards in bioproduction.
  • Customized Medium and Reagents

    Product Customized Medium and Reagents

    Fast and flexible customization for research and production. We combine the expertise, quickness and manufacturing capabilities to help you define the products of tomorrow. Our development brings the advantage needed to overwhelm your competitors. 

Capricorn Scientific GmbH Resources

  • Brochure Product List

    Complete cell culture product portfolio.
  • Brochure HEK293 Expression brochure

    Complete chemically defined, animal component-free, and protein-free systemSupports growth of high density HEK293 culturesEnables sustained, high level expression of recombinant proteinsPromotes transfection efficiency and production
  • Brochure CHO|ONE Media System

    optimized components in ready-to-use kitchemically-defineddeveloped for high performance and vast protein yieldsoutstanding expression capabilitessmall- and large-scale protein productionhighly suitable for fed-batch culturesall batches tested regularily in extensive quality controls
  • Brochure Vero Expression brochure

    optimized for cultivation with microcarriersserum-free, animal origin-free, and low protein formulationideal for virus and recombinant protein productioncost-effectiveavailable in various formats, such as bottles, bags & powder