Product Description

Dietetic food for special medical purposes (balanced diet).
For the dietary treatment of Gastritis. Calms an irritated or inflamed gastric mucosa and alleviates the pain caused by Gastritis.

Effect and ingredient
Caricol®-Gastro contains the valuable ingredients of Caricol, a patented extract of organic papaya and a patented organic oat preparation.

Papaya is a very alkaline tropical fruit. Because of the low acid content, it is particularly well tolerated. The fruit contains all essential amino acids, large amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as essential fatty acids and bioflavonoids. Several in vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated that the extract made from the papaya has an anti-inflammatory, cell-protective and cell-regenerating effect. The high antioxidant effect strengthens the mucosal barrier and protects it against harmful attack.

In our latitudes Oat is known as a traditional remedy for gastrointestinal inflammation and irritation. The avenanthramide-effective polyphenols have proven particularly effective for the inflammatory and irritant properties of the oats.

Caricol®-Gastro is:

  • free from genetically modified organisms
  • free from preservatives and colours
  • free from thickening and filling agents
  • free from lactose und soy

Recipe from master Hand

The recipe comes from the "Lotus Buddhist Monastery", a temple in Hawaii. Knowing the importance of a healthy gastric mucosa on the overall health condition the great Dharma Master and founder of the Lotus Buddhist Monastery Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim has developed the special manufacturing process that concentrates and multiplies the natural and soothing effects of papaya and oats on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

Balm“ for the stomache Caricol®-Gastro
  • Is a 100% natural product made from mature organic papayas and organic oats
  • Is scientifically proven by clinical Trials
  • Is a creation of master Hand
  • Is patented
  • Has a broad range of effects
  • Can be taken long term, without habituation effect and without harmful side effects
  • Easy to be taken and dosed
  • Sustainably and fairly produced

It is preferably taken before or inbetween meals, by preferably pure and undiluted. However, it can also be mixed with drinks (water, tea, juices) or food (fruit purée, mashed potatoes, baby food, etc.). For gastritis: 1 portion before the main meal or in between the meals. Caricol-Gastro can also be used to prevent gastritis. The dosage for Caricol-Gastro can be adjusted from 1 – 3 sticks per day according to individual Needs.

In the form of a purée, Caricol-Gastro is filled in hygienic 20g single portions and packaged in boxes of 20 pieces.

Caricol Digestive & Immune Health GmbH

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  • 2017
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Caricol Digestive & Immune Health GmbH

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  • 2017
    On CPHI since

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