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Carlucci Srl is a well-established company operating in the cartographic industry with particular reference to the production of self-adhesive labels and packaging solutions. 
A highly skilled workforce integrated to technologically advanced printing and inspection systems place today the factory in the Italian and European market as one of the most interesting players. 
Efficient, dynamic and flexible for what concerns the planning and the delivery, it offers a highly qualified full service and an increasingly competitive product that can adapt to the needs of the customer.

The factory’s production encompasses all applications of the main adhesive labels markets, both materials and use.
In addition to conventional industrial and private labelling supplies, we implement the study and development of products dictated by emerging business needs while maintaining compliance with ISO  certifications and continuous improvement practices.

The diversity related to the demand imposes on the factory a continuous renewal&...

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Products from Carlucci Srl (3)

  • Labels for primary and secondary packaging applications

    Product Labels for primary and secondary packaging applications

    Labels for product identification and decoration printed according to the most advanced printing techniques. 
    The factory produces labels with technologies such as flexo, letterpress, silkscreen and offset in addition to the less conventional thermal transfer, digital ink-jet and laser printing.
  • Tamper-evident labels and seals

    Product Tamper-evident labels and seals

    Counterfeiting, tampering and theft practices have encouraged and increased demand from almost all market segments seeking security solutions.
    Tamper-evident labels, in response to this need, protect both the reputation of the brand and the safety of consumers.

    Carlucci, leader in securit...
  • Booklet labels

    Product Booklet labels

    Multipage/booklet labels that allow you to display a large amount of information granting you the room you need for your content.
    The need to include more information becomes more and more present, in this regard, booklets represent a solution without any limit to the number of pages you want to include i...

Carlucci Srl Resources (1)

  • Brochure Carlucci Srl - Focus on pharmaceutical labelling

    The pharmaceutical market is a sector characterized by increasing complexity. Carlucci guarantees a continuous improvement of its quality standards and productions while being at the forefront in the choice of processed materials as well as in the traceability of the supply chain. We apply specific processes with extreme accuracy in the set-up of the machines. We guarantee the total compliance of the products we produce with respect to the source files thanks to the use of optical inspection technologies in the pre-printing phase as well as during and after production. We ensure complete compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards with our integrated and certified management system. Each product life-cycle is managed individually, avoiding any possibility of mix-up, up from receiving the PDF file down to disposing the industrial waste. TYPICAL PROCESSING: • Self-adhesive labels for bottles of various type and material • Booklets, labels containing a multi-page explanatory booklet in which all your product information can be found. • Peel&Seal is a special label that allows you to lift one part of it revealing another underneath. It is a removable multilayer label ideal for containing multilingual information, or an advertising and/or promotional nature. • Keep Me Up label, the best solution for infusion bottles, with different capacities and in line with regulatory and statutory requirements • Tamper-evident and anti-counterfeiting labels • Random and progressive variable serialisation • RFID labels • Braille APPLICATIONS: • Ethical and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines • Pre-filled bottles, syringes and vials • Containers with small diameter • Labels with low-migration adhesives for application on low density polyethylene • Medical devices for self-injection • Blood and drip bags • Polyethylene and polypropylene with fibreglass (GLASS PE – GLASS PP)