Cartridge Systems and Components

Cartridge Systems and Components
Product Description

Cartridge Systems and Components

Delivery devices such as multi-use pens or pen injectors demand cartridge technology that’s predictable and safe, with tight dimensional tolerances, and that may be suitable for high-viscosity drugs and various storage conditions. See what West offers to help customers address these challenges. West is proud to offer the following products for cartridge systems and components:

  • NovaPure Cartridge Components
  • Westar and Westar Select Cartridge Plungers
  • Westar Lined Seals
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West Pharmaceutical Services

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More Products from West Pharmaceutical Services

  • Vial Containment Solutions

    Product Vial Containment Solutions

    Vial Containment Solutions

    Packaging components are an integral part of a drug product. Selecting the right packaging system is not trivial--it can impact patients' health, operational efficiency, drug compatibility and drug stability. West is proud to offer the following products for vial containment:
    • West Ready Pack System
    • Stoppers
    • Seals
    • Vials
    • AccelTRA component program
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  • Prefillable Systems

    Product Prefillable Systems

    Prefillable Systems 

    An ideal choice for single-and multi-dose drugs, West components for prefillable systems help to ensure a more consistent injection rate to help patients receive accurate dosing with their treatment regimen. West is proud to offer the following products for prefillable systems:
    • Daikyo Crystal Zenith 
    • Syringe Components
    • NovaGuard SA Pro Safety System
    • AccelTRA Component Program
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  • Self-Injection Platforms

    Product Self-Injection Platforms

    Self-Injection Platforms

    West has several options for partnering with customers that will enhance the self-injection experience for patients while mitigating risk. West is proud to offer the following products for self-injection:
    • SmartDose wearable injector
    • SelfDose manual injector
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  • Reconstitution and Transfer Systems

    Product Reconstitution and Transfer Systems

    Reconstitution & Transfer Systems
    Reconstitution devices enhance drug reconstitution, mixing and transfer through advanced technologies. West is proud to offer the following products for reconstitution and transfer systems:
    • Vial Adapters
    • Vial2Bag Advanced 20mm Admixture Device
    • Mix2Vial Reconstitution System
    • MixJect Reconstitution and Delivery System
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  • Services

    Product Services

    The West Contract Manufacturing team is focused on serving the needs of healthcare companies by providing a single-source solution from product conceptualization through manufacturing and final packaging.

    Analytical Services has vast expertise and experience in extractables and leachables, particle analysis, container closure integrity, and performance and packaging/delivery systems among other methodologies.  As a result of our understanding of materials and delivery systems and their compatibility with the drug product, we can assist our customers in designing studies and in navigating the challenging and evolving regulatory landscape.
    Integrated Solutions, aligning services, solutions and support with packaging, containment and delivery products for every molecule at any stage.
  • Quality Enhancements

    Product Quality Enhancements

    Quality Enhancements

    West offers films, coatings, washes and sterilization processes and services to enhance the quality of packaging components and mitigate the risk of contamination and compatibility issues. West is proud to offer the following quality enhancements:
    • Washed components
    • Sterilized components
    • Films and coatings
    • Vision inspection
    • NovaPure components
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West Pharmaceutical Services resources

  • News West's Online Store

    Welcome to West's Online Store!

    Your one-stop solution for small quantity containment and delivery. By offering a limited number of ready-to-use products in small packs, we can provide you with easy ordering and fast delivery for your small-quantity stopper, seal, vial and syringe needs. Check back often for additional product offerings!
  • Brochure 4040/40 Forumulation

    4040/40 delivers reliability and functionality that comes from a scientifically developed formulation paired with West's nearly 100 year leadership in injectable drug containment and administration.
  • News The West Blog

    Stay up to date as our experts talk about the latest industry trends, community initiatives, events and news. The West blog features scientific content from our subject matter experts. 
  • Brochure NovaPure® Components

    NovaPure components are developed and refined to provide the market with the highest levels of quality, performance, and product integrity. Every component, every time. Initially available in vial stopper and syringe plungers, NovaPure components are being extended to cartridge-based drug delivery systems. 
  • News Knowledge Center

    Take an in-depth look at the science behind containment & delivery of injectable medicines in the West Knowledge Center. Visit the Knowledge Center for scientific insight & detailed technical information on key areas of expertise.
  • Brochure Daikyo D Sigma

    Daikyo D Sigma® components offer high-quality elastomer components for injectable medicines that are designed to reduce particulate, help mitigate patient safety risks and reduce variability. A new level of innovation excellence, Daikyo D Sigma components combines advanced technologies and a long history of industry expertise.
  • Brochure West Ready Pack™ System

    Ready-to-Use Sterile packaging system West Ready Pack™ high-quality primary packaging components consist of sterilized NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® CCS (clean, certified, sterilized) seals and vials. Ready Pack components are provided ready to use and are available for order in small minimum order quantities from stock. Ready Pack components are particularly well-suited for R&D purposes or small filling operations, and are designed to support a smooth transition from early-stage pilot manufacture to larger commercial-scale operations. 
  • Brochure AccelTRA® Component Program

    The AccelTRA Component Program offers market leading delivery times and a single next generation formulation for stoppers and plungers that help customers stay competitive. The AccelTRA Program can help generics manufacturers meet increasing quality standards, ensure fast response to market volatility and move product to market quickly.
  • Brochure NovaGuard® SA Pro

    Packaging your drug in a prefillable syringe with a needlestick prevention feature provides additional protection for healthcare workers and patients. The NovaGuard® SA Pro safety system can be deployed using a single-handed technique to shield the exposed needle.
  • Whitepaper West Elastomer Stoppers with Flurotec®️ film are the right choice for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines

    Download our white paper to learn more about why West Elastomer Stoppers with Flurotec®️ film are the right choice for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines
  • Whitepaper Alternative for SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Primary Package Systems

    Download our white paper to learn more about Daikyo Crystal Zenith®️ Cyclic Olefin Polymer Vials, which offer an alternative primary package system for SARS-COV-2 vaccines.
  • Whitepaper West Oncology Ebook

    West understands the challenges of Oncology Drug Development.

    Read or ebook or visit to learn more.
  • Video West YouTube Channel

    Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic and medical device companies trust West and our ability to deliver consistent high-quality and technologically advanced containment and delivery solutions. We share their commitment to improving health for patients worldwide.

    Learn more about our products and services on our YouTube channel. 
  • Video Integrated Solutions and Services

    Simplify the Journey™️ Integrated Services and Solutions. Partnering with customers at every stage of development
  • Video Risk Mitigation Through Physical and Chemical Testing: Lyophilized Drug Product Case Study

    This webinar originally aired as part of CPhI Discover - 17-28 May 2021 Comprehensive approach to understand potential risks to lyophilized drug product quality based on chemical and physical performance testing Key considerations in the study design for manufacturability and packaging leveraging this analytical approach

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