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5 Aug 2013

CBMOS Selects INTEGRA Media Preparator

Researchers at the Centro Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO) in Madrid, Spain have demonstrated how the MEDIACLAVE Media Preparator and the DOSE IT Peristaltic Pump from INTEGRA can significantly enhance the efficiency and re­producibility of fly food preparation.

Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly, is a commonly used model research organism in genetics, physiology and evolutionary development biology. Successful experiments using Drosophila typically depend on optimal husbandry and on providing good fly food quality. In some Drosophila labs, hundreds of vials are filled each day with fly food.

Mercedes Dávila, Head of Media Preparation Services at CBMOS commented: “Using a basic media cooking pot approach we could not accurately control the temperature of our ‘fly food’ during preparation and had to stir the mixture manually using a ladle. Because of the high viscosity of the fly food our technicians found filling all the vials a time-consuming and tedious process and often the food quality vial to vial was not consistent.” She added: “Our subsequent purchase of a stirrer kettle helped to improve the fly food mixture quality. Preparing the food, however, was still much too slow because it took several hours to cool the mixture to dispensing temperature.” 

CBMSO’s investment in an INTEGRA MEDIACLAVE 30 Me­dia Prepa­rator and a DOSE IT peristaltic pump finally was the solution to this problem. Reflecting on the advantages that CBMSO had gained from the INTEGRA system, Mercedes Dávila said: “Our MEDIACLAVE 30 gives us the possibility to prepare 30 L of fly food in only 95 min. The integrated cooling system makes the process much faster than previous solutions.” She continued: “We can now keep the fly food mixture at the desired dispensing temperature. This allows us to dis­pense the food di­rectly from the cuvette into the vials, without risking contamination or premature solidification inside the dispensing tubing”. Concluding, Mercedes Dávila said: “The electronic or paper process documentation from the INTEGRA system has enabled us to have standardized methods and fully traceable quality”. 

To watch the MEDIACLAVE and DOSE IT being used for preparing fly food please visit 

For further information on the MEDIACLAVE 30 media preparation system and DOSE-IT peristaltic pump please visit or contact INTEGRA on telephone +41 81 286 9530 or email [email protected]


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