Product Description

Antibacterial Drug: Cephalosporins
Treatment of infections of respiratory tract, urinary tract.
Peritonitis, Skin and soft tissues, bone and joint, meningitis,
septicemia and gonorrhea

Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
Ceftriaxone sodium      1 gm for Injection
Ceftriaxone sodium  250 gm for Injection
Ceftriaxone sodium  500 gm for Injection

Product name & Pack size 
CEFTREX 1 GM( IV)                        20 Vial
CEFTREX 1 GM( IV)+SWI                 1 Vial
CEFTREX 1 GM (IM)+Lidocaine      1 Vial
CEFTREX 250 MG (IV)+SWI             1 Vial
CEFTREX 250MG(IM) +Lidocaine   1 Vial
CEFTREX 500 MG (IV)+SWI              1 Vial
CEFTREX 500 MG (IM)+Lidocain     1 Vial

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  • Ranidine

    Product Ranidine

    Ranidine Indication: Antiulcerant:H₂-blockerShort-term treatment of active duodenal ulcers, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome,Reflux esophagitis & gastric Ulcer, Treatment of benign gastric ulcer, Post-op ulcer, Reflux oesophagitis,ZES &conditions where reduction of gastric secretion & acid output is desirable  Active Ingredient & Dosage form: Ranitidine 150 mg TabletRanitidine 300 mg Tablet Ranitidine 50 mg/ 2 mL InjectionProduct name & Pack size:RANIDINE TAB 150 MG  10x10'SRANIDINE TAB 300 MG  10x10'SRANIDINE INJ     2x5 AMP
  • Zetron

    Product Zetron

    Chemotherapy & radiotherapy induced nausea & vomiting,
    Post-op nausea & vomiting

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Ondansetron HCL 8 mg /4ml Injection
    Ondansetron HCL 4 mg /2ml Injection
    Ondansetron HCL 8 mg Tablet

    Product name & Pack size:
    ZETRON INJ 8 MG/4 ML 1x5 Amp
    ZETRON INJ 4 MG/2 ML 1x5 Amp
    ZETRON TAB 8 MG         1x10's

  • Salmol Syrup

    Product Salmol Syrup

    SALMOL SYRUP Indication: Bronchodilator Bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema Active Ingredient & Dosage form: Each 5 ml contains : Salbutamol sulfate 2 mg Product name & Pack size:SALMOL SYR       1x60 ml SALMOL SYR       1x1000 ml
  • Punol

    Product Punol

    Prevention and treatment of symptoms in chronic obstructive
    airway disorder with reversible bronchospasm 
    eg., bronchial asthma & esp chronic bronchitis with or without emphysema

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Each 1 ml contains :
    Ipratropium Br 0.25 mg
    Fenoterol HBr   0.50 mg

    Product name & Pack size

  • Amxol

    Product Amxol

    AMXOL Indication: Mucolytic Respiratory tract disease with abnormal secretions. Supportive treatment to avoid pulmonary complications. Active Ingredient & Dosage form: Ambroxol HCL 30 mg Tablet /Ambroxol HCL 30 mg/5 ml Product name & Pack size AMXOL TAB (Blister)   10x10's /AMXOL TAB 1x500's /AMXOL SYR (NS) 1x60 ml/AMXOL SYRUP (SH) 1x60 ml
  • Biocalm

    Product Biocalm

    Muscle Relaxants
    Conditions associated with increased tones of striated
    muscle due to organic or neurologic affections, muscular
    hypertonia, spasm & contracture. Parkinson's disease,
    obliterative vascular disease.

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Tolperisone HCL 50 mg Tablet

    Product name & Pack size
    BIOCALM TAB (FOIL)       50x10's
    BIOCALM TAB (FOIL)     100x10's
  • Sucee

    Product Sucee

    Oral Contraceptive
    Treatment of androgen-deprndent diseases in women
    eg., pronounced forms of acne, androgenetic alopecia, 
    mild form of hirsutism & oral contraception in women

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Cyproterone acetate 2.0 mg
    Ethinyloestradiol   0.035 mg

    Product name & Pack size
    SUCEE TAB       1x21's
    SUCEE TAB       1x28's

  • Madonna

    Product Madonna

    Emergency Contraceptive  Pill
    Postcoital OC for females & having intercourse occasionally

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Levonorgestrel 750 mcg

    Product name & Pack size
    MADONNA TAB 1x2's

  • Dianid

    Product Dianid

    Antidiabetic Drug
    NIDDM (Non lnsulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Gliclazide 80 mg

    Product name & Pack size
    DIANID TAB       10x10's

  • Calvin Gold

    Product Calvin Gold

    CALVIN GOLD Indication: Brain & Heart Joint Pharmafood To prevent, brain heart joint disease. Active Ingredient & Dosage form:Calcium Cabonate 750 mg/Magnesium Oxide 250 mg/Boron amino acid complex/Sosium Ascorbate/Vitamin B6/Vitamin D3/Garlic Extract/Ginseng Extract/Alfalfa Extract/Ginkgo Biloba Extract/Fish Collagen/Coenzyme Q10 Product name & Pack size CALVIN GOLD TAB  1x14’S/CALVIN GOLD TAB  1x60’S      Product name & Pack size Calvin gold          1x14's Calvin gold   
  • Clobet Cream

    Product Clobet Cream

    CLOBET Cream
    Topical Steroid Cream
    For relieving all allergic skin disease 
    (Acute& chronic inflammatory skin)

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Clobetasol propionate 0.05%

    Product name & Pack size
    CLOBET CREAM 1x5     gm
    CLOBET CREAM 1x10   gm
    CLOBET CREAM 1x450 gm

  • Enaril

    Product Enaril

    Antihypertensive Drug : ACEls
    Essential Hypertension and Heart Failure

    Active Ingredient & Dosage form:
    Enalapril maleate   5 mg Tablet
    Enalapril maleate 20 mg Tablet

    Product name & Pack size
    ENARIT-5TAB     10x10's
    ENARIT-20TAB   10x10's

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