Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy
Product Description

 Cell and Gene Therapies require coordination of complex interdependencies between stakeholders due to their personalized nature and intricate time restraints. Executing the logistics of cell and gene therapies is a challenge like no other—after all, if you cannot deliver the therapy to the patient, its efficacy is irrelevant, as the patient receives no benefit. For your patients, the stakes have never been higher. As your logistics partner, our record of flawless execution has never been more valuable. Discover how to partner with World Courier and access our global logistics platform.  https://www.worldcourier.com/solutions-cell-and-gene-therapy

World Courier Management

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World Courier Management

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    World Courier designs and executes customized end-to-end logistics programs for clinical trials in all phases of development, from research to commercialization. We’ve played a key role in over 15,900 clinical trials, with 99.90% of shipments arriving on time and within temperature range (2016). When you’ve invested valuable resources into developing a product that improves global health, you deserve a partner that treats your patients and shipments as well as you would, at every step. https://www.worldcourier.com/solutions-clinical-trial-logistics
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