Certified toxicological studies

Product description

Toxicological tests performed at the Lukasiewicz - IPO:
-allow a toxicological evaluation of chemical substances contained in pharmaceutical products, veterinary medicinal products, plant protection products, food and feed additives, industrial chemical substances, etc.,

-make it possible to elaborate models which allow to observe chemical substances in the body and to explain the mechanisms of various toxic effects caused by them,

-serve as a basis for a routine evaluation of new chemical compounds,

-results are used to register and license industrial chemical substances in compliance with specific regulations 1. Acute toxicity studies “6-pack”
2. Subacute toxicity studies
3.Subchronic toxicity studies
4.Chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity studies
5.Reproduction toxicity studies
6.Neurotoxicity study
7.Local tolerance study
8.Genotoxicity studies
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