CGMP (+)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt) 

Product description

(+)-Cloprostenol is the active enantiomer of Cloprostenol. Cloprostenol is used in veterinary medicine as a luteolytic agent for the induction of estrus and the treatment of reproductive disorders in cattle, swine, and horses. The ASMF for (+)-Cloprostenol (sodium salt) is on file in several EU member states.
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Details (+)-Cloprostenol min. 97.0% rel, 15S-(+)-cloprostenol max. 0.5% rel, 5,6-trans-(+)-cloprostenol max. 2.0% rel, Other impurities single max. 0.1% rel, Other impurities total max. 0.3% rel, etc.
Categories APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)Prostaglandins
Measured In g

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