Child Resistant Packaging Development & Designers

Child Resistant Packaging Development & Designers
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Based out of our UK Innovation and Design Centre for pharmaceutical packaging, our new product development (NPD) team are continually investing their time and knowledge into developing commercial solutions for child resistant compliant packaging for the UK, across Europe, and the U.S.A.

The Origin organisation rests a deep resolve to ensure the health and safety of children from accidental drug ingestions. Our work with the Child Safe Packaging Group (CSPG) has brought us in touch with these types of incidents, and we know them to be traumatic experiences that change the lives of those involved. Parents and carers, the medical profession, legal representatives, and brand owners feel the effects of child ingestion incidents.

Origin are committed to preventing these occurrences. Each year we contribute to avoiding over 40 million ingestions of tablets and liquids, through our insistence on effective and compliant child resistant plastic container design.

We have a dedicated team of packaging professionals who will work with you to convert or create a new CR pack for your product. 

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Origin Pharma Packaging

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  • Tamper Evident, Child Resistant Pipette Closure

    Product Tamper Evident, Child Resistant Pipette Closure

    The GL18 size closures are Child Safety accredited – product passed all aspects of the ISO 8317 child safety test. Maximum product integrity and security for a bulb and pipette closure.
  • HDPE Standard Snap Lock System Bottles

    Product HDPE Standard Snap Lock System Bottles

    The snap-lock system is used for solid dosage with a market-leading closure, security system. Containers produced by injection blow moulding/blow moulding. The main container is manufactured in HDPE and the closure system is made from LDPE. The whole system is manufactured in clean room conditions.

    We ...
  • Child Resistant Jars for Medicinal Cannabis

    Product Child Resistant Jars for Medicinal Cannabis

    Our revolutionary bespoke child resistant packaging system is designed and manufactured at our state-of-the-art in-house ISO 7 clean manufacturing plant in the U.K.

    Working with key partners from the medicinal cannabis space, we have created a packaging system which includes:

    - Uniquely desi...
  • Sample Specimen Transport Tubes

    Product Sample Specimen Transport Tubes

    In conjunction with our newly created aseptic facility (ISO 5), we have designed and manufactured a highly specified sample specimen transport tube. The tube is made from polypropylene materials and the screw cap is LDPE. 

    The design is leak proof to ensure your product is safe. 
  • PP28 Child Resistant Closure Manufacturer

    Product PP28 Child Resistant Closure Manufacturer

    EXCLUSIVE Innovation 1 – PP28 Closure (development 1 of 2) 

    We have designed two revolutionary PP28 (child resistant) closures that have been developed to offer flexibility within the marketplace. Designed, engineered and strategically optimised to be the lightest PP28 closure&...
  • Design. innovation. Development. | Product Packaging Development

    Product Design. innovation. Development. | Product Packaging Development

    A dedicated team of packaging and development technologists.

    Our unique approach to primary packaging development, supports our partners in becoming market leaders in their industries.

  • Injection Stretch Blow Moulding | Clean Room Manufacturing for Primary Packaging

    Product Injection Stretch Blow Moulding | Clean Room Manufacturing for Primary Packaging

    The latest addition to our ongoing service enhancement is a multi-million-pound investment programme at our Centre of Clinical Excellence for Pharmaceutical Packaging Design & Innovation, Strategic Production and Supply Chain Performance.
    This major development has involved the design and installat...
  • Pharmaceutical Cotton Coil

    Product Pharmaceutical Cotton Coil

    Pharmaceutical cotton coil is composed of 100% purified, absorbent cotton. Being easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, it is a traditional filler for tablet packaging.

    Most commonly used for bottling tablets and cartons, the natural cotton fibres are selected for cleanliness to provide a safe, no...
  • Contract Filling - Sterile Fill-Finish   | Aseptic ISO 5 Filling Facilities

    Product Contract Filling - Sterile Fill-Finish | Aseptic ISO 5 Filling Facilities

    Contract Filling (Fill-Finish) - Managing The Process for You.

    We invested in excess of £12m to deliver a market leading ISO 5 aseptic clean room filling facility. We have created 7 ISO 5 clean rooms which has a dedicated team of experts t work with your formulations or our range f standard formulation...
  • Injection Moulding | Cleanroom Manufacturing for Primary Packaging

    Product Injection Moulding | Cleanroom Manufacturing for Primary Packaging

    Visit our dedicated manufactured space on our website:
  • Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles

    Product Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles

    We design, manufacture and stock a range of pharmaceutical bottles and containers in a range of colours, sizes with associated caps and closures to give you the full, complete pack. 
    All our glass bottles are tested to ensure we are confirming to the international pharmacopoeia (BP), the United Stat...
  • PET Pharmaceutical Tablet Bottles

    Product PET Pharmaceutical Tablet Bottles

    Origin Packaging have the largest stock holding of pharmaceutical packaging in the UK. Our tooling workshop can create your specification, shape and size. We also offer a large variety of closures to complete your pack. 

Origin Pharma Packaging resources (13)

  • Sponsored Content Origin Pharma Packaging Launch New Child Resistant Jar

    Origin Pharma Packaging has launched a piece of packaging dedicated to the medicinal cannabis industry

  • Brochure Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

    We have created a specific presentation for your to download and understand our contract filler capabilities.
  • Sponsored Content Origin Achieves ISO 13485 Certificate for Best Practice in Medical Devices

    Origin have invested £12 million in a state-of-the-art ISO 5 filling facility. As part of the facility we have developed a kitting service.
  • Brochure Medicinal Cannabis Primary Packaging Manufacturer

    Origin Pharma PAckaging are the leading manufacturer of primary packaging for the medicinal cannabis space. 

    Launching a range of registered and compliant child resistnat jars for flower buds. 

    We are working with a range of enterprises to deliver their primary packaging supply chain from our clean room manufacturing facility in the UK.

    If you have require support with your primary packaging supply chain for your next medicinal cannabis porject. We are happy to help. 

    Get in touch today [email protected] or enquire via our CPHI Online profile. 
  • News Origin Pharma Packaging opens new UK warehouse in significant capacity expansion

    New site includes warehouse maagement system which packaging firm claims will increase picking accuracy and efficiency
  • Brochure Revolutionary Child Resistant Closure - PP28 (The Lightest of its Kind)

    Neck Finish: PP28
    Child Resistant Design
    Increasing Sustainability (reduction in polymer)
    Cleanroom Production
    Approved to ISO8317 and 16CFR1700.20
    Bulk Packing
    Bespoke Measuring Beaker
    Branding & interchangeable tool set
    Accepts all types of required liner

    The new PP28 have been designed, engineered and strategically
    optimised to become the lightest of their kind. This closure boasts
    the lowest possible polymer content whilst retaining a robust and
    effective first line of defence against child access.

    The closure can be produced in either food grade or European and US pharmacopeia polymers and
    can be manufactured in clean room environments to meet your specific production protocol.
    The closure has unrivalled scope for brand promotion which is essential in today's competitive
    market. It can be produced in virtually any colour at relatively small production quantities and the
    crown of the closure is also customisable by means of an interchangeable tool insert, providing an
    embossed design of your choice.

    A range of clip-in liners and attachments are also available for this new device and over-printing of
    the embossing is optional.

    Approved to ISO8317 and 16CFR1700.20 this product presents a refreshing solution to child safe
    compliance wherever you are in the world. We've considered the supply chain too; the device can
    be supplied in engineered packaging designed to reduce waste.

    A closure that drives sustainability - depending on your particular specification we can reduce your
    current packaging waste obligation by up to 50% using bulk packing methods.

    We are continually redefining pharmaceutical packaging and with our dedicated NPD department, Origin Pharma Packaging can support you in developing the optimum packaging design for high performance of delivery.
  • Whitepaper 13 insights into the future Child Resistant Packaging

    A channel of our business is a team of child resistant packaging specialists. Who have dedicated over 60 years of time, resource and development to become one of the leading child resistant design team in devices and primary packaging. 

    Our NPD Director in conjunction with his team has developed an in-depth whitepaper into the future of child resistant packaging. 

    The paper looks at EU legislation, driving forces of child resistant packaging and protecting children from non-medicine poisoning. 

    Finally the paper looks into the innovation coming out from the specialist area of packaging development. 

    Download today. 
  • Whitepaper Child Resistant Packaging and Safety Today

    Origin Pharma look at how child resistant is not child proof. Understanding compliance and the process of designing child resistant packaging.

  • Video Tooling Design & Development

    We have a dedicated tooling design team who will work alongside you to create the most optimised moulds for your primary packaging production. 
    We have invested in a new tooling workshop which will enable your assets to be maintained to achieve maximum output throughout the duration of your production life-cycle. 

    You can see more here:
  • Video Aseptic Filling Facilities

    In-house market-leading aseptic filling – 7 ISO 5 filling environments

    As well as having the expertise and capability to design and develop your unique pharma and healthcare primary packaging solutions, Origin can also fill and label the units thanks to our newly fitted, in-house ISO 5 commercial aseptic filling clean rooms.

    This state-of-the-art liquid filling facility has been specifically designed to meet and surpass the stringent regulations laid out by ISO standards, ensuring that it consistently provides suitable and versatile environments for aseptic filling. The achieving of ISO 5 has been made possible through a reliable and undisrupted supply of HEPA filtered air whilst operating under positive pressure. The result is a cutting-edge space dedicated to the automated filling of liquid vials, which operates under positive pressure to guarantee that any harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are prevented from entering

  • Video Europe's most Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Packaging Supply Chain Management Company

    We don't develop pharmaceutical primary packaging.We don't manufacture pharmaceutical primary packaging.
    We don't manage the pharmaceutical primary packaging supply chain. 

    We deliver them all for you, our pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

    We deliver packaging systems from concept to completion. We have invested in 100,000 sq ft of pharmaceutical accredited storage facilities and have implemented a global Just In Time strategy for our partners, so that they are not taking up precious space within their manufacturing facilities. 

    We have invested over £4 million in state-of-the-art ISO 7 clean room facilities for primary packaging manufacturing. 

    We have invested over £12 million in a dedicated, inspiring, aseptic filling facility (7 ISO 5 filling rooms). 

    We have trained and recruited expert leaders in their fields when it comes to supply chain analysis, packaging development and quality driven strategies. 

    We have implemented a comprehensive, reliable, quality supply chain model for our global pharmaceutical and healthcare partners. 

    Want to become part of Supply Chain Management 3.0? Watch the video today. 
  • Video Clean Room Manufacturing | Primary Packaging

    This major development has involved the design and installation of a state-of-the-art cleanroom production facility that strictly adheres to ISO 7 class 10,000 and ISO 8 class 100,000, which each ensure the reliable prevention and control of airborne particles. Achieving these standards is no mean feat, as the cleanroom environment must comply with the following specifications at all times with no exceptions:
    The air is changed 10-25 times an hourCompliant to ISO14644, ISO9001 and ISO 15378Designed around the stipulations of the BRCAll manufacturing processes are electrically driven, including injection moulding, injection stretch-blow moulding and automatic assembly
  • Video UK's Largest Pharmaceutical Packaging Stock Holding

    A insightful video into our primary packaging stock-holding facilities.