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  • Product Cell Line Development

    KBI offers a full suite of CLD across both mammalian and microbial expression systems. KBI can apply established mammalian recombinant protein expression systems to provide rapid and industry-leading cell line generation services using: CHO-M Selexis SUREtechnology, CHO-ZN, CHO-DG44, CHO-S, and CHO-K1 GS. ...
  • Product Biologic drug substance CDMO services

    From pre-clinical development to commercial supply, Patheon by Thermo Fisher Scientific is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of mammalian cell culture drug substances. Patheon offers biotech and pharmaceutical companies the ability to pursue opportunities around the globe with a fully i...

    FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies is an industry-leading cGMP Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) supporting the biopharmaceutical industry in the development and production of biologics, vaccines and cell and gene therapies. Our focus is to combine technical leadership in process d...
  • Product Specialty Cell Culture Media, Cell Lines and Contract Services for Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems

    Expression Systems, now an Advancion company, is dedicated to supplying and servicing the cell culture and bio-industrial markets with innovative cell culture media formulations, as well as cell lines, molecular tools, reagents, and contract services. The company specializes in the baculovirus expression v...
  • Product Ready-to Use CHO cell lines

    UGA Biopharma GmbH offers to their clients so called Ready-to-use Biosimilar Cell Lines. This are in-house developed CHO cell lines stably expressing different biosimilar molecules, that are instantly available for in-licensing. The client profits, because the cell lines are directly available, and develop...
  • Product LN₂ Generator

    1. Product Introduction
    1) Various sensor monitoring and alarm programs, two-way communication     capabilities
    2) Vacuum insulation piping for cryogenic
    3) Self-generated liquid nitrogen in Cryogenic environments
    4) One-touch company size
    5) Low noise
    6) Boil off g...
  • Product E. Coli Host Cell Proteins

    ELISA methods are used to test for the presence of residual host cell proteins left in a drug or therapeutic protein following purification. 
  • Product Media & Feeds for CHO cell line

    The First CHOice® Medium is a high-performance cell culture medium optimized for mammalian suspension cells ensuring high product quality and cell viability during all cultivation phases. In combination with the First CHOice® Feeds Alpha & Beta, offer a platform to achieve excellent cell growth, an...
  • Product Cell line development services

    Cell line development services, including molecular cloning, CHO cell line development and lead clone selection, bioprocess optimization, DSP and analytical characterization of the target molecule.

  • Product Ready to use cell lines

    Ready to use cell lines
  • Product Chinese Hamster Ovary Host Cell Protein Testing

    ELISA methods are used to test for the presence of residual host cell proteins left in a drug or therapeutic protein following purification.
  • Product Incubator shaker

    The ISF1-Z incubator shaker is suitable for applications in laboratories, research centers and production facilities. The ISF1-Z complies with GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements and regulations. It offers a large shaking capacity with a small footprint and many features allowing straightforward...
  • Product Biosimilars

    Portfolio of high-producing biosimilar cell lines and processes, off-the-shelf and generation of such from scratch. Biosimilarity optimisation of your recombinant cell line. Your benefit: Cost and time-savings, while bringing your product to the market.
  • Product Cell Host Technologies

    Outlicensing of superior cell hosts: CHOExpress® & HEKExpress®, cell line generation with best in class transposon technology. Your benefit: In-house state of the art tech revolutionizing your development programs.
  • Product Bioprocess Development

    Integrated upstream and downstream process development for high-yield manufacturing of biologics of desired quality. Your benefit: Cost-effective and scalable bioprocess with robust and reliable tech transfer.
  • Product Cancer Cell Lines- research use only

    Cancer cells are transformed cells that have acquired a series of changes that permit them to form tumors. They arise when the genes responsible for regulating cell division are damaged. The uncontrolled and often rapid proliferation of cells can lead to benign or malignant tumors. Beni...
  • Product GMP Cell & Virus Bank Storage

    Our GMP-compliant storage area offers dedicated or shared storage in standard freezers (-80°C), ultra-low freezers (-130°C), or in cryotank for storage in liquid nitrogen vapor phase at temperature below -150°C.
  • Product Cell & Virus Bank Characterization

    The safety testing of cell or virus banks at the level of the Master, Working and End of Production Cell Bank is a key element for cell- or virus-derived biopharmaceutical products. Characterization tests aim to confirm identity, genetic stability and purity of the cell or virus bank.
  • Product GMP manufacturing of MCB/WCB/MVSS/WVSS

    Clean Cells is a GMP-licensed Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization providing R&D, production and quality control testing services to the biopharmaceutical industry.

    Our two-part site located in Western France holds an innovative process development platform, BSL2 and BS...
  • Product Defined Media and Reagents

    Product portfolio for CHO, HEK, Vero, Hybridoma, Insect and more.
    Customized media and reagents are also part of our manufacturing capabilities.

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