Chondroitin by fermentation by HTL

Product description

While most Chondroitin sulfate on the market is of animal origin, HTL is developing a new source of Chondroitin of non-animal origin with the use of fermentation. Chondroitin sulfate can then be obtained by sulfation. 

Characteristics and benefits of Chondroitin by fermentation: 
  • absence of animal traces and prion contamination
  • helps protect endangered animal species
  • access to a Chondroitin with higher molecular weight, which opens up the potential for new applications
HTL can produce Chondroitin with a Molecular Weight around 50 kDa (Chondroitin Sulfate) or 400 kDa (non-sulfated Chondroitin). HTL is your partner for the development of tailor-made functionalized Chondroitin derivatives such as Chondroitin sulfate.

Today’s applications: rheumatology, ophthalmology.
Potential applications: tissue engineering, oncology, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral potential

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