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6 Sep 2010

Clinical Trials 2010 - Invest up to 50% less and be among the experts from the industry

29 - 30 September 2010, Frankfurt, Germany.
In the current environment where minimising cost and delivering ROI are critical themes within the pharma industry, improving your clinical trial infrastructure can ensure that time is not wasted and you are maximising your investments. Attend Clinical trials 2010, this two day meeting which is concise and packed with value, Presentations that will be case-study oriented, supplemented by panel discussions and network with leading practitioners to provide information to keep clinical trials goal-oriented, on-time and cost-effective. Take-aways will include presentations with information that can readily be adapted to clinical trial projects in your organization.The 2010 event is set to be a highlight in the clinical trial events calendar. What's more, it is widely accepted that there is nothing better than to learn from the experience of experts rather than trying to build that knowledge yourself.
The programme covers a wide range of

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