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3 Apr 2013

CMV treatment a success

Theraclone Sciences announces CMV trial results

A leading pharmaceutical company announced yesterday (April 2nd) that a phase 1 trial of a new drug designed to treat human cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection has been successful, with no dose-limiting toxicities or adverse effects observed.
Theraclone Sciences Inc said the treatment, dubbed TCN-202, was discovered using the firm's I-STARTM platform and was well-tolerated throughout the trial.
The randomised experiment enrolled 40 healthy adult volunteers, eight of which received two doses of TCN-202 at 15 mg/kg, two weeks apart, while the others received either a placebo or five single-dose cohorts escalating from one mg/kg to 50 mg/kg.
"CMV is a difficult-to-treat indication due to the virus’ propensity to mutate and become resistant to currently marketed drugs which additionally are not fully effective and are associated with significant toxicities," said Eleanor Ramos, chief medical officer at Theraclone Sciences.
The condition is known for causing serious life-threatening disease in vulnerable patients such as those with leukemia or HIV infections.


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