Codex® Ketoreductase Screening Kit

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The Codex® KRED Screening Kit contains 24 ketoreductases (KREDs) that have been selected for their broad substrate range, high and diverse enantioselectivity, and high stability cumulated from more than 70 screening projects. This kit is a useful tool to quickly determine the feasibility of using a KRED for an asymmetric ketone reduction.
Codexis KREDs have been engineered for enhanced selectivity, activity, substrate range, and solvent and temperature stability. Most of them are tolerant to high concentrations of isopropanol (IPA) and can use IPA as a substrate. This is advantageous as using IPA as a co-solvent will assist in dissolving compounds with poor water solubility and the IPA can act as a substrate for the recycling of NAD(P)H cofactor as shown in the scheme above. The reaction equilibrium is driven to product by using high concentrations of IPA relative to the substrate and/or stripping off the acetone product.

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Codex® Ketoreductase Screening Kit

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