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Vivian Xie
16 Aug 2022

Collaboration to advance manufacturing of regenerative medicine and biotherapeutics

A collaboration between Mayo Clinic and National Resilience Inc. hopes to advance the biomanufacturing and delivery of novel biologic therapeutics for rare and complex conditions. 

Mayo Clinic have announced a strategic collaboration with National Resilience Inc. in Rochester, Minnesota for the biomanufacturing of novel biotherapeutics for rare and complex conditions, centring Rochester as a hub for regenerative medicine manufacturing. 

The collaboration hopes to focus on biologic therapies by bringing together innovative science and engineering for the manufacturing of therapies utilizing cells, blood, enzymes, tissues, genes, and genetically engineered cells. Biologics encompass any range of therapeutics that are isolated from biological sources, whether all or partially synthesized. Such therapies include vaccines, blood and blood components, allergenics, cell and gene therapies, and recombinant therapeutic proteins. Julie Allickson, Director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Regenerative Medicine, commented: “This nexus of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and industry experts will help position Mayo Clinic as an authority in regenerative biotherapeutics.” 

National Resilience and Mayo Clinic hope to collaborate and focus on the advancement of Mayo Clinic biotherapeutics with expertise in process development, the attraction of biotech companies for clinical trial sponsorship, providing cell and gene therapy products required for early-stage therapeutics biomanufacturing and analytical testing and quality control for manufacturing commercial-grade biopharmaceuticals. All areas of focus are committed to the advancement of biomanufacturing in new biologic-based medicines in hopes of accelerating clinical care options for patients of rare and complex conditions, which the collaboration hopes to provide. 

Kinney Executive Dean of Research at Mayo Clinic Gregory Gores stated: “Mayo Clinic will advance regenerative technologies from discovery science to early phase clinical trials… Research in the emerging field of biotherapeutics lays the foundation to attract the scientific workforce of the future.” 

Source: Resilience Announces Collaboration to Manufacture and Deliver Biotherapeutics for Rare and Complex Conditions | Business Wire 

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