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Company Profile

19 Oct 2020

MPA Technical Devices Srl is an Italian company specializing in designing and manufacturing top quality and accurate dosing systems.

We achieve the highest standards of precision for dosing all kinds of pharmaceutical substances thanks to over 20 years of experience, a technologically advanced workshop and constant innovation in design. We aim for tailored solutions designed to meet our customers needs and requirements.

Engineering & Design

A highly skilled team of designers can develop customized projects starting from the specifications of the pharmaceutical machine or from the characteristics of the liquids to be dosed. We ensure customer-focused advice, we analyse each problem and propose customized solutions to optimise the performance of the entire production line. It is also possible to re-design or to improve parts or existing systems, to achieve the best results based on users’ feedbacks. The final products are complete with surface treatments as well as special coatings. Components are laser marked on customer request. MPA Technical Devices offers a comprehensive service, support and technical advice from design to final installation.

Company Philosophy

Our goal is to ensure long service life and perfection in every one of our products.

We aim for the highest levels of dosing accuracy and precision since we strongly believe that details lead to perfection in terms of quality and reliability.

“Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Quality & Traceability

MPA Technical Devices has always used Food&Pharma regulations compliant material coming from European steelworks and manufacturers MOCA or FDA certified, ensuring maximum quality of products thanks to strict controls on raw materials.

On delivery, we check and cross reference each raw material bar to the corresponding certificate number. When the material is cut, the certificate number is linked to the workpiece, achieving in this way a real traceability for each component of our products.

The final product must meet the highest quality standards monitored with appropriate measuring equipment. Products certifications include the tests reports carried out.

Scanning an optional QR code on the product, our customers can have immediate access from their tablet or smartphone to the 3.1 certificates, special coatings, treatments, quality and roughness reports.

We consider quality and transparency of primary importance: for this reason, we regularly test the materials and coatings of our products in independent and ISO certified laboratories, making the reports available to our customers.


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