Complex plastic drug delivery devices

Complex plastic drug delivery devices
Product Description

H&T Presspart offers design, development and manufacturing services for complex,  complete plastic solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics and drug delivery device market.

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  • Metered-dose inhaler (MDI) actuators

    Product Metered-dose inhaler (MDI) actuators

    H&T Presspart is the world’s leading supplier of actuators for MDIs, producing a wide range of injection-moulded plastic actuator components for the pharmaceutical sector. We create actuators for all standard pharmaceutical valve sizes, and can also customise designs to meet your needs.

    Actuators play an important role in affecting the spray pattern and targeted deposit of drug particles to combat asthma and COPD. So we follow best practice in all aspects of design, manufacturing and quality systems, with production under clean-room conditions at our facility in Tarragona. Our range covers actuators for solution and suspension formulations, as well as for glass bottles and metal canisters.

    Key features and benefit of our MDI actuators:

    1. Reliable, quality product due to consistent manufacturing processes ensuring continuity in batch production.

    2. Built to last, so will withstand rigours of repeated use in all temperatures, throughout the actuator’s life.

    3. A wide range of high-quality plastic resins and colours to meet your market needs.

    4. Ensures compatibility, as tight dimensional tolerances ensure accurate fit and position of canister and valve.

    5. Standard product ranges are available immediately, to match the formulation and requirements of the container closure system, reducing your development time and cost.

    6. Our IPTC will offer you formulation, MDI design and performance adviceProcure based on your needs – with the actuator as a stand-alone product or as an MDI bundle.

    7. You have the right solution for regulated or unregulated markets, with an actuator range that accommodates a dose counter or indicating mechanism.

    8. Meets regulations for clean-room environment.We can adapt actuators to meet your product and market needs, offering compatibility across full valve range

  • Metered Dose Inhaler Canisters (MDI Canisters)

    Product Metered Dose Inhaler Canisters (MDI Canisters)

    H&T Presspart is the world’s leading manufacturer of MDI canisters, and so a key partner to the world’s large pharmaceutical companies working in respiratory drug delivery. We offer a complete range of MDI ‘cans’, designing them for optimum compatibility with your chosen valves, actuators and drug formulations.

    As one of the three key components for inhalation drug delivery for asthma and COPD, our MDI canisters comply with all relevant pharma standards and regulations. We make the cans through deep-drawn manufacturing, and as well as standard sizes, we can provide custom solutions for size and treatment, in both aluminium and stainless steel.

    Whatever size MDI cans you needWe manufacture 75% of the world’s MDI cans a year at our plants in Blackburn, England and Marsberg, Germany. Our standard canisters are 10ml, 14ml, 17ml, 19ml and 22ml, and we can design and manufacture specialist smaller cans, sleeved cans for lower dosing, and cans to fit all valve sizes, including gasket and o-ring sealed valves.

    Our standard thin-walled aluminium cans are suitable for use with CFC propellants, and we’ve also developed stainless steel and thick-walled cans to withstand the higher pressures associated with HFA propellants. You can choose aluminium thick-walled canisters when coating is required, ensuring the strength needed for filling and crimping.

  • Plasma Surface Treatment for MDI Cans

    Product Plasma Surface Treatment for MDI Cans

    Our unique new plasma process for treating the internal surfaces of metered-dose inhaler (MDI) canisters ensures the active drug content doesn’t stick to the canister wall. This solves a problem present in many other MDI cans and ensures the patient gets the correct dose.

    This fluorocarbon polymerisation (FCP) plasma treatment process – available only from H&T Presspart – improves the surface energy performance of an MDI canister, which enhances drug stability in formulations where interactions with the aluminium substrate can lead to product degradation and reduced shelf life. We’ve used the process to develop several different plasma treatment options that successfully prevent drug degradation in solution or suspension formulations.

    The plasma treatment process improves the surface energy performance of an MDI canister, which enhances drug stability in formulationsA unique improved process

    Our improved Plasma treatment process a uniform layer on the inside walls. In traditional processes, the nanolayer thickness varies, and builds up around the canister lip, neck and base, while being depleted at the rim, shoulders and canister corners. Other surface treatments, such as spray coating or anodising, or alternative materials like stainless steel, can be expensive, or use chemicals which are undesirable or have long-term supply issues. The new plasma treatment improves on all these issues.

    Summary of the advantages of the new process:

    Uses readily available, high-purity industrial gases.

    Uses no solvents and produces no harmful waste products.

    Canisters are cleaned during the process

    Surface treatment fully replicates the contours of the can

    We have not detected any extractables.

    A patent-protected future-proofed technology.

    Lower carbon footprint than traditional coating technologies.Single stage treatmen

  • Smart Connected metered-dose inhaler

    Product Smart Connected metered-dose inhaler

    H&T Presspart and Cohero Health have developed the first market-ready, fully embedded and connected metered-dose inhaler (MDI).By tracking and recording data on the use of medications, and sharing it with patients and physicians via a mobile or web app, the eMDI enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to bring the best possible care to those with asthma and COPD.

    The eMDI improves patients’ adherence to medication doses, encourages self-care, and helps health professionals maintain real-time monitoring. The device integrates with Cohero Health’s BreatheSmart, the only respiratory disease management platform that enables tracking of both controller and rescue medications, and measures lung function with clinical accuracy. It then transfers the data wirelessly to a smart phone app, or directly into a patient’s medical records.

    This data capture, along with analytical and predictive capabilities, supports real-time alerts and informs clinical decision-making. Also, as an evolution of existing inhaler technology, the eMDI is quick and cost-effective to adopt, and easy for patients to use.

  • Medical Dispensing Cups

    Product Medical Dispensing Cups

    Leading Supplier of Plastic Medical Dispensing Cups for the Pharmaceutical Industry. For over 30 years H&T Presspart have specialised in the production of injection moulded components for the pharmaceutical drug delivery device industry. As well as our range of metered-dose inhaler canisters, MDI actuators and dispensing actuators, H&T Presspart also supply medical measuring cups to the pharmaceutical industry.

    H&T Presspart’s medical dispensing cup is used extensively in the pharmaceutical and health industry and its key features include:

    1. Available in a variety of colours

    2. Marking points at 2.5ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml and 20ml

    3. Can be used for a variety of medical applications

    4. Available for single dose or multiple dose applications

    5. Fits with standard closure cap

    6. Manufactured in clean room conditions

    H&T Presspart’s medical dispensing cups are manufactured in clean room conditions at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Tarragona, Spain, which also produces our wide range of metered-dose inhaler actuators as well as our range of dispensing actuators for the pharmaceutical market.

  • Quantum End of Life Indicator System

    Product Quantum End of Life Indicator System

    Our off-the-shelf Quantum ® dose indicator is the very first on-can metered-dose inhaler end-of-life solution, ensuring patients don’t run out of their medication. It’s cost-effective, disposable, and simple to use – and, as it includes no mechanical parts, it’s extremely reliable.

    Built into our MDI canisters, Quantum is compatible with current filling and packaging lines. It’s a very simple, fail-safe system, based on an arrow on the bottom of the can that indicates the remaining drug level. It works without requiring any change to the actuator, or any additional parts. Quantum provides added convenience for patients, and also offers treatment monitoring and compliance management through an optional smartphone app.

    For pharmaceutical manufacturers, Quantum is quick and easy to take to market, with low capital outlay. It’s applicable to all MDI products, whatever the number of doses, and gives you a competitive advantage in both regulated and unregulated markets. The system meets regulatory guidelines, and is patent protected.

    Our off-the-shelf Quantum dose indicator is cost-effective, disposable, and simple to use.

    1. Available for 14ml and 19ml plain and plasma-treated canisters.

    2. Shows the amount of medication used, and how much is left in the can.

    3. With no mechanical parts, it’s extremely reliable.

    4. Links optionally to a smartphone app.

    Benefits to patients include:

    1. Fail-safe dose indication system that cannot miscount

    2. Intuitive to use, with an analogue display just like a fuel gauge

    3. Optional and customisable reference card

    4. Customisable mobile app, with additional patient management features and smart connectivity without the cost.

  • Dispensing Actuators

    Product Dispensing Actuators

    H&T Presspart manufactures a wide range of standard healthcare and pharmaceutical dispenser actuators, and can also create customised dispenser actuators precisely to your requirements.

    Our extensive range of dispenser actuators works with a variety of containers and valves across the pharmaceutical market. They are suitable for mechanical spray pumps and for aerosol valves, and for oral, aural and topical applications. Our range also includes caps for aluminium cans.

    On our multi-component high-speed lines, injection moulding takes place in an ISO 8 clean room, and assembly in an ISO 7 clean room at our manufacturing site in Tarragona, Spain. We also offer in-line dry-spray-pattern testing, and a range of packaging options, including individual packaging.

  • Metered-dose inhaler dose counters/dose indicators

    Product Metered-dose inhaler dose counters/dose indicators

    Asthma and COPD are conditions that need constant monitoring and controlling. So methods for predicting the end of life of metered-dose inhalerscan improve patient safety and quality of life, as well as reduce hospital admissions. At H&T Presspart, we offer counters and indicators to address a variety of customer and market needs.

    Patients need support for their correct and timely use of inhalers, without changing the way they use them. Yet most MDIs on the market offer no practical way for patients or doctors to know how many doses are left in an inhaler.

    We offer a mechanical dose-counting system – a licensed design from 3M – suitable for any generic or new chemical entity development and compatible with all marketed pressurised MDI valves. This technology was the first integrated dose counter available for third-party developments, and the first to be approved by the FDA.

    The FDA is the only current regulation, but we can incorporate the counter into any MDI actuator, or in products for unregulated markets. We manage all the necessary testing and preparation for regulatory approval. In this way, we help pharmaceutical manufacturers pick the best solution for their needs, and offer their patients this additional support.

    1. Mechanical dose indicatorAvailable for 120 and 200 doses with flexible pre-count

    2. Can be incorporated in our range of actuators

    3. Compatible with most valve specifications from leading manufacturers

    4. Can be incorporated in custom actuator

    5. FDA-approved in conjunction with an MDI product on the US market.

  • PowdAir Plus Dry Powder Inhaler

    Product PowdAir Plus Dry Powder Inhaler

    In developing markets, where demand for respiratory treatments is growing rapidly, there’s an increasing need to offer more choice to patients who use a dry powder inhaler (DPI).

    PowdAir Plus is a patented capsule-based DPI, ideal for these markets because of its advanced simplicity, ease of use and affordability.

    Most other DPIs have been designed for developed markets and incorporate multiple components and complex mechanics. In contrast, PowdAir Plus is a complete unit with no metal or separate parts. Neat and compact, its novel all-plastic, four-component design minimises manufacturing assembly and production costs, while improving the device’s resilience to frequent use.

    Designed to make users’ lives easierThe sleek design of PowdAir Plus makes this inhaler very easy to use. It’s highly portable, and delivers an effective dose of medication with each capsule. Compatible with all capsule types (gelatine and HPMC) in size 3, it can be used with any dry powder medicines.

    A particularly useful design feature is the way the device opens the capsule as the tray closes. Patients don’t need to pierce the capsule themselves, so using the inhaler is simpler, and there’s no risk of getting the wrong dose.

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