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28 Aug 2020

Connect-e-Cap®: A pillbox that pays attention

Röchling Medical's innovative intelligent packaging solution against non-adherence.

  • Reminds patients of the next required dose
  • Records fill level, opening time etc.
  • Recognizes the container via pairing function
  • Reads out information regarding dosage, correct storage etc. 
  • Redefines communication between doctors and patients

It is extremely important for the success of medical treatment that patients adhere strictly to the medication prescribed to them. However, numerous studies show that many patients ignore their treatment plans – out of stubbornness, carelessness or feeling overwhelmed by complicated medication schedules. This so-called non-adherence not only jeopardizes the success of treatment, but also causes immense costs for the healthcare systems.
However, if the patient receives immediate feedback on the correct use of his or her medicine, this can demonstrably significantly increase treatment adherence. This is where Connect-e-Cap comes in, the intelligent packaging solution by Röchling Medical.

The electronics and sensor technology integrated into the cap supports the patient in taking his medicine correctly.

Connect-e-Cap reminds patients to take their next pill by means of a reminder function and registers the exact time of the pill being taken out of the container. Via smartphone, the patient is able to access information on correct dosage and storage, as well as on side effects. A voice output feature integrated into Connect-e-Cap makes it possible for patients to have this information read out to them.

For some drugs, certain storage conditions must be observed, as they are sensitive to temperature or light, for example. Connect-e-Cap monitors storage temperature and humidity using built-in sensors.

Connect-e-Cap can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, so that all stored information, as well as the recorded data, can be accessed electronically and made available to the patient, doctor or nursing staff in a user-friendly way via app or software.

Connect-e-Cap thus simplifies the communication between patient and doctor: The doctor can see at one glance how well his patient is complying with the therapy and can address possible reasons for non-adherence in consultation – thus improving the chances for a successful treatment.

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