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  • Product Outsourcing

    Patheon by Thermo Fisher Scientific has a broad manufacturing platform for pharmaceutical and biologic products which provides sustainable solutions for mammalian cell-based and microbial-based manufacturing, green chemistry R&D and manufacturing technologies, and finished dosage production of biopharm...
  • Product Commercial Packaging

    We offer a wide range of commercial packaging solutions to meet your needs, from initial artwork and pack design, to commercial packaging and distribution.

    From our UK and US commercial packaging facilities, we are able to serve global markets. We are MHRA and FDA licensed an...
  • Product Tramadol HCl

    Grünenthal GmbH offers a selected range of products which includes Tramadol HCl, as API, bulk and/ or finished dosage form. Please contact us for more information.

  • Product Clinical Trial Supply Services

    Experic provides comprehensive solutions to support clinical trials from study planning to close-out, including clinical trial supply management services, commercial drug sourcing, and clinical-scale manufacturing services. Manufacturing services include powder blending;  powder, pellet, or tablet fil...

    POWERFUL SERIALIZATION AND TRACEABILITY SOLUTION FOR L4-L5, NOW PART OF THE OPTCHAIN™ PLATFORM OPTEL’s L4-L5 serialization software, a powerful, enterprise-level serialization and traceability solution, has helped the world’s best-known brands protect their assets. Optchain Verify is an essential tool to ...
  • Product Pharmaceutical Kitting

    Over the past 30 years Tjoapack has developed significant capabilities and expertise in biotechnology packaging. This has been mostly driven by innovation in the space and a move towards self-administration and patient-centricity. At Tjoapack, we have a specially-trained team in place to tackle the challe...
  • Product Dosing syringe, pipette, measuring cups & spoons

    Union Plastic proposes a wide range of dosing devices available on shelf for oral delivery :

    - Measuring cups
    - Measuring spoons
    - Dosing syringe 5 & 10 ml
    - Pediatric pipette & 10 ml

  • Product Oral syringe bottle adapters

    Press-in bottle adapters allow for increased dosing accuracy. Available in various sizes, they fit securely in any bottle with a corresponding opening size. The adapters allow a user to easily draw liquid, ensuring accurate dosing while avoiding spills; they fit flush with the bottle opening so that the or...
  • Product Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging 

    Blister lines for solid dosage forms
    Tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, oblongs, syringes, etc.
    Films/foils: PVC, PVC/ PVdC, PVC/PE/PVdC, PVC/ACLAR/PVC, COC-Laminates, PP, PET, Tyvec or alu/alu (with/without childproof seals)
  • Product Your choice of primary, secondary packaging and labelling

    Specific packaging and labelling : syringe, cartridge, airless pump bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, plastic tube, aluminium pouch
  • Product Filling And Packaging

    The filling of non-sterile liquid and semi-solid products is realised with efficient and flexible lines, for a wide range of packaging systems and filling volumes. A variety of filling formats caps and closures as well as dosing aids can be handled. For customized packaging we have our own packaging de...
  • Product Device Assemply and Packaging

    The injectable drug market is rapidly evolving and includes an array of delivery devices from autoinjectors to pens and other intuitive formats. We provide partnership for drug owners driven by the top-quality, complex considerations and flexibility expected. These services include assembly process des...
  • Product Contract manufacturing services

    Biospectra offers a wide range of products which includes contract manufacturing services. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Contract manufacturing - Medical products

    As a contract manufacturer, we design and manufacture for you products for the diagnostics and life sciences industries. We can customize the products based on your most demanding needs: dimensions, functional specifications, compound and fluorescence requirements, or end packaging.
  • Product Betahistine diHCl

    Grünenthal GmbH offers a selected range of products which includes Betahistine diHCl, as API, bulk tablets and/ or finished dosage form. Please contact us for more information.

  • Product I would love to see how PBL can help with your clinical packaging and storage/distribution needs as we head into the new year. We started this business to help companies with clinical logistics issues when the big guys don’t return their calls. Our speed,

    We started this clinical labeling business to help companies with clinical logistics issues when the big guys don’t return their calls. Our speed, agility, and low cost offer a benefit to sponsors that our competitors simply don’t have. Please let me know if you want further information or if you might...
  • Product Bottle Packaging

    Ameripharma offers primary bottle packaging for Rx products with full serialization capability. Bottling, labeling, topsert, shrink sleeve, cartoning, patient insert, etc.
  • Product Blister packaging services

    With deep expertise and experience in pharmaceutical oral solid dose blistering, our packaging team will collaborate with you on selecting a blister pack format, materials and method best suited for your drug specifications and patient delivery requirements. We have a deep understandng of regulatory and c...
  • Product Medical Devices

    Aphena supplies our customers with timely and continued access to safe, effective, high-quality medical devices. Aphena Pharma Solutions has been manufacturing and packaging Class I and II medical devices for over 30 years. Aphena is currently FDA registered for Medical Device CFR820 and ISO13485


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