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1 Nov 2013

Copley Scientific Launches New Equipment to Streamline Inhaled Product Testing

Copley Scientific has launched a new instrument, the TPK-R critical flow controller model to improve the ergonomics of test set-up for dry powder inhaler (DPI) testing. The new unit frees up bench-space and simplifies connection of the key pieces of equipment routinely used for DPI testing, without compromising the validity of existing test methods.


Measuring the aerodynamic particle size distribution of DPIs helps to determine their in vivo behaviour and is essential during product development and for QC. Cascade impaction is the technique specified by the regulators, and the Next Generation Impactor (NGI) is routinely the instrument of choice for this application. Testing must be carried out at a constant, controlled air flow rate to ensure that the NGI delivers precise, calibrated performance.


Copley Scientific’s TPK Critical Flow Controllers incorporate all the functionality required to ensure the application of a stable, precisely defined flow profile, in a single integrated system. The TPK-R is a mirror image of the Critical Flow Controller Model TPK, which is already an industry standard, and has been designed specifically to match with the connection requirements of  the NGI. It is identical to the TPK in all respects except for the inlet, outlet and user interfaces, which have all been reversed to connect more conveniently with the right-hand outlet of the NGI. Using the TPK-R therefore allows the more efficient use of laboratory bench space, without compromising the validity of existing test methods. 

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