Cosmetic Inspection Machine

Cosmetic Inspection Machine
Product Description

Automated visual inspection technology reliably detects cosmetic defects on ampoule packaging to securely remove them from the blow-fill-seal production line.

These cosmetic defects include:

  • Variations in filling
  • Black spots in the walls of the ampoule
  • Forming or vacuum errors
  • Punch pressing errors
  • Discoloration in the filling and/or plastic
  • Legibility of engravings and markings
  • Deformations in the flag or ampoule body

Rommelag AG

  • CH
  • 2018
    On CPhI since
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    Germany; Switzerland

Rommelag AG

  • CH
  • 2018
    On CPhI since

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    • Optimized housing with improved airflow between the upper and lower machine section 
    • A characteristic LED band which is not only a visual eye-catcher but also functions as a system status indicator of the affected area 
    • A completely new designed modular buffer tank optimized for improved cleanability, reduced risk of cross-contamination and increased process reliability
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    Our bottelpack aseptic packaging systems are considered advanced aseptic filling by regulatory authorities. The BFS containers are formed from plastic polymer material in an automated process, filled and hermetically sealed. With the packaging of sterile liquids (e.g. eye drops, infusion solution, injectables, inhalations, vaccines), gels and ointments, Rommelag is present in pharmaceutical, healthcare, and also in cosmetic and chemical industries.
    With BFS technology, bottles, ampoules, dropper bottles and bellows containers can be produced in various shapes and types of plastic. bottelpack lines produce up to 30,000 containers per hour. Classic container volumes range from less than 0.1 ml to more than 1,000 ml. Blow-fill-seal technology is most common for liquid pharmaceutical products, used to form and fill containers ranging from small ophthalmic ampoules to large containers of IV solution. But due to its production efficiency and virtually limitless array of custom container designs, BFS technology is increasingly finding applications in many other sectors, from cleaning agents, to skin care products, to functional foods.

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    Cosmeceuticals are high-end products for skin care and anti-aging. Blow-Fill-Seal ampoules are innovative packaging comparable to those used in pharmaceutical products.
    The soft ampoules are made of 100% recyclable materials and are manufactured in pharmaceutical quality. This could be a decisive USP in the marketing of your cosmetic products in today's world.
    The bottelpack Blow-Fill-Seal technology combines cost-efficient production and quick availability of a large quantity of product units.With our sterile single-dose ampoules we offer the consumer a convenience solution for daily use and on the go.Single-dose ampoules make it possible to dispense without preservatives and thus reduce possible side effects.The BFS technology we invented has been tried and tested in the pharmaceutical industry for many decades and is considered one of the safest aseptic filling methods worldwide. This allows us to guarantee a process-safe ...
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    If it says “bottelpack” on it, you can rely on the uncompromisingly good quality offered by the inventor of blow-fill-seal technology. With a combination of German engineering expertise and Swiss precision, we make sure that your machine only ever produces precisely what you defined – from the smallest ampoule to the largest container. And that’s a promise! Rommelag’s bottelpack machines are capable of manufacturing up to 34,000 containers an hour in a wide variety of forms and plastic blends, with filling volumes ranging from 0.04 to 10,000 ml, aseptically, and taking all the applicable pharmaceutical regulations into account. Sounds good, you say? That’s what our customers say, too, and they enjoy the flexibility, precision, reliability, and virtually unlimited scope of BFS technology.
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    The Rommelag Pharma Platform, RPP, is the basis for digitalizing your bottelpack BFS aseptic filling system for the next generation of pharmaceutical manufacturing. 
    RPP comes with a detailed information model, granting access to a wide array of possibilities for leveraging data and integrating third-party tools. By networking your bottelpack machines with your shop floor, office, and the Rommelag Service Center, RPP helps you streamline your production and maintenance processes for better decision making and real-time monitoring.
    With RPP, your bottelpack machine acts as the conduit for connecting your shop floor to Rommelag’s service and maintenance cloud. The power of RPP lies at the intersection of four key digital components that enable enhanced production, servicing, and recordkeeping for pharma processes
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    BFS Process- Features & Benefits Automated, continuous process removes human element, greatly reducing risk of sterility failuresMinimizes machinery footprint and eliminates costly processes of container inventory, cleaning, and sterilizing, as well as separate filling, capping, and transport operationsAny container you can dream: canisters, bottles, tubes, ampoules, drop bottles, bellows, and portion packaging with filling volumes range from 0.04 ml to 10 litersOutput volumes up to 34,000 pieces per hourA safe, flexible, and shatterproof alternative to glass containers

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