CPA-ITALY (Chemical Pharmaceutical Generic Association)

About CPA-ITALY (Chemical Pharmaceutical Generic Association)

CPA is a new idea of Association which is nimble, careful, and easygoing. It is a service-oriented association which improves the daily-works. CPA is the chemical-pharmaceutical industries' strategic consultant, a partnership always present and updated, a researcher, a scientist, and an expert.

CPA - Association of Italian Manufacturers of Active Ingredients and Intermediates for the generics market - founded on Nov. 19, 2002, represents more than 30 companies in the industrial chemical pharmaceutical Italian.

The Association is voluntary and does not have purposes profit organization, has decision-making autonomy. operational and representation.

CPA wants to promote and protect the collective interests through cooperation with ministerial bodies, through counseling, promotion and participation in cultural activities; to provide training ; to carry out publishing activities, counselling and support for it's Associates.

The main activities and initiatives proposed by the CPA are:
• Organizing and promoting the participation of...

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