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1 May 2014

CPhI Announces 2014 Expert Industry Panel

CPhI Worldwide, organised by UBM Live, announces its initial line up of confirmed expert industry panel members for 2014, building on the huge success of the CPhI annual report launched at CPhI Worldwide in October 2013.


This year’s panel sees the return of nine thought leaders, with further members joining imminently. In addition, this year panel members will also be utilising their market insights and analysis year round in the CPhI Pharma Insights series, which covers individual topics and developments across the industry, including the recently launched R&D and manufacturing reports.


Expertise ranges from API and manufacturing efficiencies (Girish Malhotra) to quality systems and supply chain activities (Sam Venugopal), with insights also provided from some of the sectors biggest names and innovators, such as Piramal’s Vijay Shah. In addition, the panel features regulatory heavyweight, Ajaz Hussain of Wockhardt — renowned for coining the term PAT — who will lend his expertise on establishing and improving drug regulation. Across supply chain issues, the panel will leverage the knowledge of Hedley Rees, whereas Prabir Basu, formerly of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education (NIPTE), will focus on the industry’s approach to innovation.


Regulatory expert, predominantly focussed on the Indian market, Dilip Shah, also returns covering the intellectual property rules around innovation. 


Emil Ciurczak, also previously a member of the FDA’s PAT committee and president of Doramaxx Consulting draws up his expertise across PAT, QbD and spectroscopy. Finally, William Botha, a respected trainer and mentor in manufacturing is also retuning to the panel; he is fluent in FDA regulations, including GDP and GMP.


Last year’s report examined a number of major issues and developments across the industry including cost savings through QbD and PAT, to regulatory challenges from a globalised industry, right through to the effect breakthrough drugs such as ADCs will have on overcoming future disease pathologies.


“Last year’s report was a huge success with our experts providing a combined insight into the overall picture of the industry. What is interesting this year is to see the industry's progress, and what new problems or challenges there are. In the first annual report, insights spanned a mixture of practical manufacturing improvements, such as single-use reactors and continuous processing, mixed with regulatory risks and the future potential of breakthrough drugs, such as ADCs, and supply chain issues. Everything from life-saving drugs to an open assessment of where industry risks lay, and culminating in the new emerging business model — with increased partnerships, innovation sharing and consolidation. Furthermore, our experts offered conclusions on the necessary techniques, technologies and a simplified regulatory approach that will simultaneously increase safety and innovation,” commented Chris Kilbee, Group Director Pharma at CPhI.


The 2014 annual report will feature a collection of in-depth essays from each panel member, with experts given carte blanche to prophesize how the industry will look and operate from both an economic and practical perspective. In addition, the CPhI Pharma Insights reports contain a mixture of primary data (industry surveys) and expert comment on what these findings show about the general direction of the industry and any issues they feel need to be addressed.


CPhI is now in the later stages of assembling the panel’s full line-up and plans to announce all participants in the summer, with a few more global heavyweights expected.


Kilbee added: “I am delighted that we have been able to source so many leading figures from within the industry to take part in the panel, as collectively they bring a huge amount of experience and insight. Already the panel’s knowledge spans pharmaceutical ingredients, manufacturing processes, global supply chain issues and regulatory frameworks. One thing they all have in common is a wealth of experience across international markets and a practical approach to problem solving, which will be invaluable in postulating future market dynamics.”

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