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Gareth Carpenter
19 Jul 2021

CPhI Monthly Podcast: The Cannabinoid Opportunity for Cosmetics & Pharma

Cannabinoids have caught the attention of Pharma and Cosmetic companies alike in recent years, celebrated for their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties in cosmetic products, and neurological and chronic pain benefits on the pharma side.

There is also rising consumer demand for cannabinoids, exacerbated by a shift towards ‘natural’ and toxin free products, which present an interesting opportunity for ingredient manufacturers and producers.

In this podcast we speak to Dr. Monica Vialpando, founder and CEO of Via Innovations about the promising applications of cannabinoids, the innovative approaches to product development and formulation, and examining the regulatory and legal considerations of bringing these products to market and whether there is an opportunity for pharma companies to diversify into the cosmetics market.

Within this discussion, Dr. Vialpando:

  • describes what cannabinoids are and why pharma and cosmetics companies are currently investing heavily in their research
  • shares some key learnings from her transition from a pharmaceutical background into the cannabis industry
  • busts some myths about the origins of cannabinoids
  • highlights key areas in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics where cannabinoid research is most likely to reap dividends
  • explains where the current research focus on cannabinoids is and how can this be applied to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • provides advice on the key considerations you have to make when designing and branding cannabinoid/CBD-based products


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