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Gareth Carpenter
6 Dec 2021

CPHI releases Pharma Trends 2022 report

CPHI has launched its forward-looking pharma trend report for 2022 and it is now available to read on CPHI Online.

Via interviews with key industry experts, the report, which is sponsored by Baxter, outlines ten emerging trends which are likely to have the biggest impact on the pharmaceutical manufacturing and outsourcing sector over the next 12 months, as it takes stock of the notable events of 2021.

One of the major themes of the report is the pressure that has been exerted on pharmaceutical supply chains by major developments such as the energy crisis, the renewed vigour of sustainability initiatives and of course the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Rising energy prices and new environmental legislation in China have caused materials production costs to rise and stretched supply chains. This means pharmaceutical buyers are more than ever looking for innovative sourcing solutions to guard against the threat of bottlenecks.

Some key highlights:

Rene Zoetmulder, Partner at 4Scenergy argues that in terms of materials and ingredients procurement, pharma companies will have a simple choice to make in 2022: to innovate or renovate the whole supply chain.

And Stefan Schmidinger, Partner at Kemiex AG says that with China shifting up a gear up regarding the de-carbonization of its economy, in the short-term this will certainly lead to dynamic markets and supply situations where factories or chemical parks could be affected on short notice.

Meanwhile, Frank Kogelberg, Director of Business Development, Contract Manufacturing, Baxter explains how during the challenge of the pandemic, CDMOs have compressed timelines for technical transfer on an unprecedented scale.

“The pharmaceutical industry made some outstanding progress in 2021 in how it managed to speed up time to market and eke out efficiencies along the supply chain in order to meet the huge demand for COVID-19 vaccines,” said Tara Dougal, Head of Content and Insights, Pharma, Informa Markets. “The CPHI Pharma Trends 2022 Report not only addresses some of the major tensions and obstacles that the industry will face in 2022 but also the innovative solutions that it is developing to overcome them.”

To view the report click the link below.

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